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Coming Home: Extra Long Receiving Blanket, Matching Dress and Headband

The matching floral fabric for the Coming Home set was some that I purchased at Walmart before we found out we would be having a little girl. I had gone to the fabric section to purchase another print and when I saw it I knew I couldn't be without it, though I didn't know what I would use it for.
When we found out that we would be having a little girl joining our family, I immediately turned my eyes toward a ruffling foot for my sewing machine. My mom was so sweet and decided that she would get it for me for an early Christmas present. The dress is the first project that I used on it.

For the dress I used the Sweet Little Dress (3M-5T) from leila & ben. I am not being paid for endorsement of this pattern so know that this is my true opinion. I think that this pattern was the best 10 dollars I could have spent on a pattern. The instructions were really easy to follow and you can easily have a finished dress in an hour or two (the second and third time went much faster). I also love that you can choose to use a contrasting fabric on the sleeves for a completely different look. I also love that they send the pattern as a pdf file so that you can just print it off and cut it down to the size that you are making.

The dress top
Love the petite little ruffles.
I wasn't sure if the 3-6 Month pattern would be true to size or a small enough to make for a newborn, so I experimented. The 3-6 Month pattern was a true to 3-6 Month size. To make it new born I took 1/2 of an inch off of each of the sides and from the bottom and made the neck elastic 2 inches smaller (the pattern called for 15 inches of elastic so I did 13 inches). I followed the pattern's instructions for assembly with my adjusted pattern.
The ruffles are not part of the orginal pattern but I was playing with my ruffling foot and thought that ruffles would add a sweet touch to it. To make the ruffle, I used my ruffling foot and set the foot to do a mid-deep pleat (4 out of a 1 to 8 range) every 12 stitches. I did a small rolled hem on the bottom of the ruffle and then sewed right sides together on the ruffle and the dress bottom making for a nice finish. Then I pressed the seam flat and top stitched on the skirt so that the ruffle would stay down.

Cost of the Dress: $3 for fabric, $10 for the pattern but I plan and have used this pattern more than this one time. 

With my left over ruffles from the bottom, I made a casing by folding it 2/3 of the way over and ran 13 inches of elastic through it.
For the roses I cut strips of felt and rolled them and tacked them with thread. Then I laid the three roses out and decided which order they would go best in. Then I tacked them onto the headband with thread.
Cost of the Headband: $0, Everything I used from this project was leftovers from another project.
With my son I always loved the extra long receiving blankets my mom made for him. They were the perfect swaddling blankets, worked great for draping over the carseat when he was sleeping and large enough that I could modestly nurse about anywhere. I think the double layer flannel receiving blankets are great for the cold days, but sometimes you need a lighter blanket than that.
The blanket is made by sewing two 45" by 45" pieces together, it has flannel on one side and the same material on the front side. To make this blanket I sewed my right sides together with a 5/8 inch seam (leaving a 1 1/2 inch hole on one of the sides so that I could turn it right side out). I then clipped my edges (here is a great tutorial on clipping your edges) so that I could get really pretty corners. Then I pressed my blanket so that each one of the seams would be nice and flat then I sewed around the outside of the blanket with a straight stitch at 1/2" and 1/4".
Cost of the blanket: Between $6-$7. I bought my flannel when Walmart was running a $2/yard sale.


  1. SL, I love it! Great work. Love the tutorial and all the pictures!

  2. Cute dress! What a fun blog!! Loved reading about all the Shaffer sisters adventures.


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