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DIY: Church Themed Color Wonder Pages

Have you ever wanted to have church related coloring pages without having to worry about your kids ruining their church clothing?
There is a website that makes church related coloring pages called, Green Jello with Carrots. On Friday's they have Freebies where if you buy 5 dollars you will get something free, the post the deals on their blog.
Another thing that I love and for me is an absolute essential part of having a little boy is Crayola Color Wonder Paper and markers. Because Ryder (or one of his little friends) can mark where ever they want to (walls, tables, clothing, etc.) but the color only shows up on the paper.

Yesterday I decided to experiment and see if I could print one of Green Jello with Carrots images on color wonder paper without it creating any problems? And it totally worked!
This is the picture that James and I did together.
  1. The size of the Color Wonder Paper that I had was 8 by 10 so on my printer I set the paper size to 8 by 10. Then I scaled the image to fit on an 8 by 10 (on the program I was using their was just a check box to scale the image to the size of paper, otherwise you might have to resize it yourself).
  2. I put a single sheet into the Rear Feeder Tray of our printer. 
  3. I set the print quality to fast because I didn't want it putting too much ink down. 
  4. James grabbed it out of the printer and we enjoyed non-messy fun. 
I am really excited to see what sort of fun coloring pages I can make for Rhett. I might even take some pages from the Friend.

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