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Easy Girl's Minky Quilt Tutorial

Minky (Minkee) is usually out of price range ($20/yrd-$25/yrd) for our little family, since my husband is the only provider and he goes to school full time and works part time. Even though it is out of our price range that never kept me from wishing that we could afford it, especially since lately Rhett has been going through a stage where he loves soft things.
One day a few months ago I got an e-mail from our neighborhood craft store saying that they would run a 5 hour sale of $10/yrd. I decided at this point, that one of the presents that would be under our tree would be a travel minky travel quilt for each one of the kids. This was my first experience sewing on Minky and I would be lying if I said sewing on Minky was super easy.

After seam ripping several times I figured out what works best (at least for me):
1st: Double check to make sure your two fabrics are exactly the same size (because it is hard to cut Minky sometimes the people cutting the fabric haven't cut it exactly straight or even with each other).
2nd: Line up the right sides of your fabrics together and stretch out each one of the corners so that the fabric is as tight as possible.
3rd: Pin the sides opposite to the salvage edge together with a 1" inch inseam (because these should be exactly the same width. You will want to put a pin every 1/8-1/4" so that your fabric doesn't slip. It may seem like a little much but it is easier to over pin than seam rip.
4th: Once your sides opposite of the salvage edge are put together then you will pin together the salvage edge sides, leaving a 1 1/2 inch hole in the middle of one of the edges for you to flip your blanket right side out.
5th: Sew the salvage edges together making sure to leave the 1 1/2 inch hole for you to pull your fabric through.
6th: Clip your corners on your blanket and then turn the fabric right side out.
7th:  Pin your hole on your blanket shut and then sew around the outside of the blanket using a 1/2" seam.
8th: Enjoy a nice comfortable blanket. Slim Jim took advantage of the fact that I had this blanket out for picture taking one night. The next morning he said something like this, "Man that Minky blanket is pretty nice for watching TV with. It is really comfortable." I guess he didn't mind the girly colors too much, it has had me thinking about making one for a throw for the couch.....maybe next Minky sale.
Total cost of this project: $25 + tax
Retail cost for a Minky blanket: $125 + $17.95 (Shipping & Handling)

Even though this project cost a lot more than most of my projects usually do it is nice to save over a $100 dollars! Very budget friendly project.

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