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Its begining to look a lot like Christmas

The anticipation of Christmas keeps building and building. Even when it snowed early in November I couldn't help but be excited. I started listening to Christmas music. Actually I've probably been listening to Christmas music off and on since June.

Just so you understand, my Grandma was an avid Christmas fanatic. During the holiday season nearly every room in her house shouted Christmas and also her entire front yard. For Mother's Day and her birthday everyone would give her a new car for her train or another ornament or even a cuckoo clock that played Christmas music each hour. Growing up around this couldn't help but instill a love for the season.

I love the music, the magic of the lights, and the spirit of giving that comes with Christmas. My grandma liked the classic music like Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong and my mom always played Kenny G. Therefore I love the relaxing holiday music; Modern renditions of the original classics rarely make me excited for Christmas.
Family traditions are another exciting part of Christmas, and my favorite thing about having a fairly young family, is that we are still in the midst of creating traditions. We don’t have very many yet, but the one we do have is going up into the mountains and pick out a Christmas tree. I can’t tell you how magic this is.
The trees may not be nearly as full as those from a tree farm, but each one is so unique. Most of them have pine cones on them which just adds to their beauty. It’s so good to get out in the fresh air and be in the midst of the splendor that God has created. Spending time with family is also a major plus. And once all the trees are picked out, we haul our trees back to the main road and have a lunch of hot coco and chili. It really couldn’t be any more perfect.
Well when I say it couldn’t be any more perfect, things could probably be a little better thought out. Although it was amazing, I decided that next year when we have two kids, I will definitely take a sled to haul the young ones in. It was really tiring to walk in snow over a foot deep, on un-level ground, carrying a toddler, and being over halfway pregnant. Snowshoes might not be a bad idea either. Power Shoes was helpful when he could be, but they needed his muscles to help take trees on the mountain to back on the path. So in all my good planning on making sure the family was well dressed and well fed, I ended up being shortsighted in the whole logistics of it. I’m sure that most of us will be short sighted on one thing or another as the biggest holiday of the year approaches, but it’s important to laugh while in the midst of our trial and learn from it in the future.
Now we have a beautiful tree in our home that just welcomes the holiday spirit. As we’re getting ready for Christmas, it’s important to remember what it’s really about. It should be a time where families are brought closer together, where people can realize their gifts and share them with others, and where hearts are warmed even when hands may be cold.
I am so glad that we have a tighter budget this year so that Christmas can be more homemade and from the heart. It will make it easier to focus on the giving all that we have and emulating Heavenly Father’s gift to the world and finally, the ultimate sacrifice of the Savior.

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