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List Making Relieves My Stress

I am not a highly organized person. I don't like to have every minute of my day planned out. I don't even like to have a few of my minutes planned out. I like to have a broad outline for my day (sometimes very broad like wake up at this time and go to bed at this time is all it involves). I think this flexibility I get from Dad.
Dad taking Ryder fishing for the first time last spring. He had a fish on the line and then wanted Ryder to take the line and reel him in.
Our Dad is a really chill person, he often goes anywhere from 5-10 minutes below the speed limit because there isn't a reason to go fast and why waste extra gas getting there and the longer he has to drive the more time he has to think. He isn't late to things that really matter like work or church, but when time doesn't matter he doesn't think of it. He can spend hours at the lake just casting away, trying different lures. He is one of those super relaxed fisherman. That if you go to the lake with him he might talk to you the whole time or he might not say a word. 
For the most part my SAHM style is very similar to this, I will get all I need to done but there is no set time in which it will be completed. For example, the dishes need to be done sometimes I will be good and do them in the morning but other times I will play with Ryder in the morning and wait until his afternoon nap to start the dishes. Sometimes I will start my dinners early in the afternoon so they are all prepped before dinner time. Other time I just pull it together at the last minute. I like leaving my time flexible enough that if someone needs my help or wants to spend time with me that I can simply join them without too much fuss.
Both Mom and Dad can be planners but they go about it in totally different ways.
Mom makes lists for every trip somewhere so that she won't forget the essentials or even the non-essentials. For every trip to "town" (they live 1 1/2 away from affordable grocery shopping) she has a meticulous list of what she needs to pick up and where she needs to go.
Dad usually compiles list when he is 1. Assembling or building something (he is a builder by trade), 2. Planning an important trip or activity (like camping or fishing). Though his list making is done less frequently they are very detailed and leave very little to chance.
Mom and Dad with Ryder and Ty on Christmas Eve. Dad went between chilling with the Grand kids and nodding off. Mom was down to business of fitting it all in including the story.

I find that even though I am not a "highly organized" person, list making helps relieve my stress and help remind me that I have enough time to do it all. This morning (3 am to be exact) I was laying in bed having a hard time going back to sleep thinking about all the things that need to be done before Wednesday (4 days from now, ya!) when the baby comes. I knew I had enough time to complete the tasks but I also knew that I would be able to relax if I would be able to set out a timeline of completion for each task. So I wrote down the days between now and D-Day each on a separate piece of paper and then wrote down what activities should be completed on that day. I tried to think about not having to redo anything before D-Day and spreading the activities out enough that I won't be overwhelmed any one day.

Saturday (Today)
  • Clean Bedroom (I don't know if anyone else has this problem but it is usually the last room in our house to be cleaned and organized but I am trying to do better)
  • Straighten out craft table 
  • Put Christmas in storage - Slim Jim's help
  • Pull baby swing, air mattress and other baby essentials out of storage - Slim Jim's help
  • Put Ryder's clothes away -I did laundry a few days ago just haven't put his folded clothes in the drawer yet
  • Clean off top of fridge 
  • Date night with Slim Jim
  • Straighten up balcony

  • Have Power Shoes (Al's husband) help with hanging curtains (Slim Jim is able to hang curtains but with our 70's style blinds at our apartment Power Shoes has found a creative work around)
  • Have Big Brothers help hanging coat rack (Slim Jim is also able but Big Bro offered to help with a while ago and will be disappointed if I don't give him the opportunity)
  • Finish pretty headbands for baby and I
  • Clean out car (I think this one is more for Slim Jim than me)
  • Reassemble infant car seat and put it in the car. 

  • Do Laundry
  • Clean behind the fridge
  • Charge Camera and Video Camera
  • Make Dental Appointment for 2 weeks post surgery
  • Sweep
  • Mop
  • Vacuum
  • Clean Bathroom
  • Pack Video Camera and Camera
  • Get photo props ready for newborn pictures
  • Wrap baby's gift to Ryder and put it in hospital bag
Then after completing those lists I made lists for the food to be cooked for the next two weeks. My mother-in-law is a great cook and can make any ingredients taste delicious but to make it easier for her we tried to plan what we would like her to cook and get a lot of the staples ahead of time. So I laid out a list for my mother-in-law so that she would know what meals we had purchased food for and what day I thought it would be good to cook it on.
Then I started on a similar list for Mom, since she will be coming to help after my mother-in-law leaves.
After all this list making I finally felt like I could breathe. And now I feel like I can comfortably (at least mentally comfortably) go back to bed. I am not sure that my list style is Mom's or Dad's, it is probably a comfortable mix between the two. But I find list making is such a nice way to organize my mind and relieve stress.

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