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I guess the job falls to me, to be the first to post on marriage. This is sort of a Marriage and Family 101 on "understanding your husband".
This comes from a little theory I like to call, "the Theory of the Laundry basket".
This is how it goes.
My bedroom is very small. There is room for two upright dressers, 1 king sized bed, and 1 laundry basket. When the laundry basket is in the proper place(not the laundry room), it lives over in a corner snuggled between the wall and the bed-so no one trips on it, when they(namely me) get up at 12:30 with the baby.
I fall into bed around 11pm every night. My husband comes to bed later than that. When I get up in the morning, and make the bed, and straighten our room, I find my husbands socks on the floor, next to his dresser. This is puzzling to me.
Now I can look at this 2 ways. First: My thoughtless husband won't even put his own socks in the laundry basket. Or Second: My thoughtful husband wasn't sure if, A: he would have a clean pair of socks to wear in the morning-so he was keeping those "just in case" B: he came to bed late, didn't want to wake me up by turning on the light, and therefore figured he would find the laundry basket in the morning and B2: in the morning he was helping me and the kids get ready instead of throwing socks in the laundry pile.
Now, after reviewing how different these two scenarios are, can you imagine how my thoughtful husband would feel if I said "you are so thoughtless-can't you even put your socks in the laundry basket." Or, equally as sad, if I felt "put-out" or resentful for picking up his socks day after day, instead of feeling grateful for all the other things he was doing.
I feel sorry to say that this wisdom has come after 9 years of marriage. Poor Hubbin.

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  1. I feel your pain. I remember when I first married Power Shoes. He would leave his dirty socks on the floor and his wet towel on the bed. Being the outspoken person I am, I'm sure you can guess what I did. Yep, I told him I was his wife and eternal companion and not his house maid. I loved cooking and cleaning, but I didn't feel like I had to deal with something that would take 5 seconds for him to do. I didn't feel like it was in my job description. LOL
    Needless to say, I was probably a little to blunt with him, but I think these phases of reprimanding at times and tolerance at other times are all part marriage.
    Great post Jo! Way to be so patient. I could follow your example more.


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