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Scary's Right and Left Brain Diagnosis

Jo: Right Brained
I would say Jo is primarily right brained which is great for her house of 4 boys and 1 girl. The fact that she can be so flexible with time allows her the flexibility to help others at a drop of a dime. Because Jo is right brained than her emotion allows her to be very compassionate towards others. When she has a moment to herself she paints, bakes and arranges flowers. The other day we were talking about recipes and she said that she hardly ever follows a cookbook, she just throws things together and watches them come together flawlessly.
Deviation from the Right brain: Jo HATES Cats...this isn't entirely her fault she did get ring worm when she was a teenager after that experience she has had a dislike for the feline creatures. Jo doesn't listen to rock and doesn't even have a TV. Jo is also very organized in her home everything has a place.
I love Jo's right brain because even though she may change her mind from time to time, she is never afraid to make a change based on what others might think. She is always able to make the choice that is best for her and her family even if it is only the best choice for the immediate future.

Al: Left Brained
I would say that Al is primarily left-brained. She is very talented in math and science. Al likes to learn from detailed instructions and if possible from a master of a skill with detailed instructions. Al is also not afraid to tell it like it is, and has a reputation for honesty. On a number of occasions when I talk to Al I will ask her what she is up to and she will tell me organizing (sometimes the same space that she organized a couple of weeks ago). She is always looking for the most logical way to do things.
Deviation from the Left brain: Al is very creative as well, she has an amazing ability to put together beautiful quilts using various pieces of fabric. Al is also very good at Art as well.

Me/Scary: Center?
I know it is sort of cheating to say that I am center brained but I really can't put my finger on it so I am looking forward to seeing my sister's answers.
I think I am center brained because I love having an exact timeline for everything big in life (left-brained) but for my day to day activities it is very go with the flow (right-brained). When I make decisions at the moment they are often made by emotion (right-brained) but the longer I have to think about it the more logical it will become (left-brained). I am a little more creative (right-brained) than I am logical but in cooking/sewing love to watch the exact processes and then modify ingredients/supplies for what I need. Even though I can figure solutions out I usually like it more if someone else will help me figure it out (left-brained). I prefer non-fiction to fiction (left-brained). I love all music, sometimes I am in the mood for classical but other times I need....pop, rock, rap, or country. I am a dog lover (left-brained). I guess you would just say that it would say that I am confused brained.  

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