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A little from the Home school Front

#5 looking very scholarly

#3 and #1 playing to 12 and back again (an adding game with 3 sets of dice- sort of like Bunco)
#4 looking a little sheepish after being caught red handed with moms camera
The fish was a "melted crayon on wax paper collage" the picture is a butterfly wedding- both creations of #3(the fish was invited to the wedding)
My "roll out" celebration rose from Hubbin
#4 looking Daper or similar to a funny little doll I had when I was growing up.
Homeschool around the table- A little of #4's famous chili, math, handwriting, and brotherly love.
#5's first ponytail
#5 helping me with the dishes.

My new hair cut(I know it is not relevant to homeschool- but I can't figure out how to sort these pictures.)
#3 was inspired by the picture on the left, to draw the picture on the right.
Telling me all about it.
Waiting to see Harold and the Purple Crayon
becoming the sculpture
#3 at the Institute- what fun!

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