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Rebuttal and New Challenge

Well girls, that was fun (in case you miss it here are the diagnosis of each other and what side of the brain we are).

I am now going to analyze our diagnoses. 
Scary's diagnosis was very right brained- kind and considerate of the feelings of others, and in the end unable to give her self a diagnosis.
Al's was very right brained in her analysis. She first listed herself, then me, then Scary.
Where is the order here?! I would say out of each version-
I had the most left brained format. Did you notice the function, order, and logical layout. Just saying.
OK for the next challenge.
This a three part/week challenge.  
Week 1:Choose your messiest room/closet/cupboard in the house, and take a picture. Write out a detailed description of how you intend to improve on that space. Then over the course of the week, improve it.
Week 2: take a picture of your newly improved space.  
Week 3: show an "after a weeks worth of use" after picture, and modify the "organizational plan" if needed. Notice that this challenge is coming from your "right brained" sister.

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