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A little more from Home-school

Home-school is consuming my life in the best possible way. I lay awake at night scheming up creative lesson plans. I browse the internet looking for free educational experiences in our area. I relish the fact that our PE is done with instructors at the Y in a class no bigger than 1 on 4. I carefully comb over the women at church, as possible guest speakers for our home-school co-op.
Here is a picture from a recent homeschool project. This is #2 sporting his workmanship. (the "thing" on his neck)

#2 made this "necklace" from a weaving project we did during our pioneer days co-op. The day he made this, we studied the freedom quilt. this link should take you there.
We also made flour from millet and then made pancakes. Our writing assignment was how does a slaves journey to freedom resemble that of a pioneer?

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