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Goal: Wellness

Before I got pregnant with Boston I set the goal of setting patterns of wellness in my life that could be a life style I could continue for the rest of my life. I did pretty good I ate really yummy but good food. I worked out a lot and lost quite a bit of weight (40 lbs.) but once my hips started hurting in the 2nd trimester and I threw up everything I gave up on my goal of wellness. Here I am 1 year later and I am recommitting myself. What does this mean?
1. I am committing myself to get moving. I am going to explain more about this on Monday, I am even going to have a sweet free printable for how to track your exercise time and reward yourself for good behavior.
2. I am going to try and eat less processed foods. I want to make more things from scratch, I think what the Heavenly Father gave us is better for our bodies than anything a scientist can cook up in a lab.
3. Eat healthy breakfast and snacks. Hunger can be the worst enemy of wellness because if you are starving it doesn't seem too ridiculous to eat 2 whole sleeves of Oreos in one sitting.
4. Creating Order and Balance in my life. My stress feeds off the level of distress my home and time schedule, so by getting this in order I am hoping to relieve some stress. 

What it doesn't mean?
1. I am not going to stop eating desserts/hamburgers/gravy/etc., though I am going to be balancing out my comfort eating with exercise and a large consumption of fruits and veggies. I love life but I love life even more with yummy food. I agree with my grandparents that if your not going to enjoy life why in the heck even try and live it. 
2. I am going to take everything in stride, my goal is not to loose 50 lbs. (though it would be nice if it decided to detach itself from me) but to set patterns of lifetime wellness which is a lifetime marathon and not a 2 month sprint.
Please join me! I am working on a giveaway for those that are taking the journey with me. Maybe a few of my favorite healthy cookbooks, a jamba gift card....this is still in the brainstorming stages. But everyone that joins is sure to gain patterns of wellness. If you are up for the challenge please commit below and if you are blogging about it please leave your address below, I would love to be inspired by your journey as I hope that I will be able to inspire you through my journey.

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