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Sewing on a Budget: Part I (In Town Deals)

My mom made most of our clothes when we were really little because she said that it cost her less. Now there are a lot of options for dressing kids and it is usually pretty easy to find deals on clothing for children. It is often harder to find deals on fabric than it is on clothing. I am not into the glitter princess or pretty kitty look for our our little girl, which severally limits my selection. It is much easier for me to find fabric that fits what I am looking for than department stores carry, but the budget minded side of me can't spend a fortune on fabric when there are less expensive options out there. I am then left in a bind, budget or fashion. I have found a way to satisfy both. Here are some of my tips for saving some green.
In my town the only two places to buy fabric is Walmart and Porter's Craft and Frame.

Porter's has an amazing selection of Cotton, Flannel and Minky. They carry the major designers (Moda, Micheal Miller & Amy Butler) and have every style of fabric you might want, whether that be contemporary, traditional, holiday or children prints. Their material is of the finest quality and the sales staff is super knowledgeable but you end up seeing that quality and expertise in the price of the fabric. At Porters cotton and flannel is usually about $10 dollars/yrd., Minky $20-25/yrd., and they have a small selection of ruffled fabric for $24/yrd. Porter's makes it easy for their loyal customers to save money by sending e-mails out with their weekly deals.
One deal that I was able to save quite a lot of money on was the two Minky blankets I made. They ran a promotion from 5-10 one evening where Minky fabric was $10/yard (a savings of $10 to $15/yard). The retail value of crib sized Minky blanket (36" by 50")  is regular price is $85/blanket (then 50" by 60" are $125), my blankets were (45" by 60") and came in at $25/blanket.
I also received a great deal on the fabric I purchased the Minky fabric for the Minky crib sheet. My crib sheet came to $16 dollars because I found it at the special selection Minky for $7.88/yrd. Since a regular crib mattress from Walmart will set you back $11 on average, $16 dollars for Minky doesn't seem to extreme.

Saving money at Walmart on fabric, is a little tricky because they rarely put their fabric on sale. One deal that I found on fabric is when our store does their semi-annual flannel sale ($2.50 instead of the regular $5). I learned if you are going to take advantage of this deal arrive early in the morning or late in the evening and don't take your kids, because lines will be long. With this deal I made extra long flannel receiving blankets.
Walmart occasionally has $1-2/yrd fabric, this is great to purchase to mockup a sewing pattern or if you like the look of the fabric and won't be wearing/washing it a bunch. I used this to make Boston's ruffled crib skirt (maybe someday I will get around to posting a picture of her crib).
Which I needed 7 yards of fabric to do this project I was happy to get a deal on it. Occasionally, Walmart will close out of some of their quilters cotton (giving you a $1 dollar off a yard deal).
The biggest deal on fabric you are going to find is going to be when they close out of clothing at the end of the season, when this happens get the largest size of shirt you can (think yardage).

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