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Sewing on a Budget: Part II (Joann's & Hancock Fabric)

Joann's/Hancock both have great deals on fabric and patterns, usually their best deals are around 3 day holidays. You can speed your shopping time by looking through their online fabric selection before going to the store. If they have deals on patterns I think it is easier to look on the pattern manufactures website before going to the store. I usually have a list with all the numbers written down.
When I plan a project, I usually go to either retailers website and see if they are running a deal on the fabric that I need. If they aren't I usually just wait a couple of weeks and it is sure to be 25%-50% cheaper.
Often times Joann's has a 50% off one regular item.
Joann's clearance fabric is called Red tag area, sometimes they do an additional 50% off the fabric.
Hancock clearance fabric is called Spot the Bolt, once in a while they do 50%, 60%, 70% off the regular price fabric.
I have had great success with Joann's Remnant fabric section, that is where I found the fabric for the Cuddle Soft blanket with Satin Ruffles. The great thing about the Remnant section is that they give you 50% off the current price, so if there was a 20% off sale for that type of fabric then you would get that in addition to 50% discount on remnant fabric. If you are getting fabric cut at Joann's and there is less than a yard left on the bolt after yours fabric cut they will ask you if you are interested in remnant fabric, in which they will give you the 50% discount on the current price.
Both retailers offer mail flyers and e-mail flyers to help you be aware of current prices.
And unless I have Slim Jim as back up I don't take Ryder into the store. One time I made the mistake of going into Hancock alone with the kids and it involved Ryder being a dead sprint with a shopping cart, me running after him shouting, "No!....Ryder!.....STOP!" The lady from Hannock that was cutting my fabric got him stopped by putting up both her arms straight out and saying firmly, "STOP!" he stopped immediately but it was within inches of hitting her and running into half the bolts in the store.

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