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Minky Crib Mattress Tutorial

Update: This is still a favorite almost a year later. Looks as good as the first day. Boston usually has her Minky blanket by the corner and her face against the crib sheet. I made one for Heber and he is a big fan as well! Heber is notorious for super pooping and Al said there isn't a single poop stain on it.  It has washed sooooooo well!

This week Boston just reached the 5 month milestone this week. This milestone comes with to expectations, she needs to go without her very-early morning feeding (really 3 am gets really old after 5 months). She has been rolling for 1 1/2 months and now she is getting to the trying to crawl and can roll to her stomach whether she is bundled or not. Both of these milestones coming at nearly the same time made me realize that I needed a good solution for comforting her through the long night without bundling her.

Boston is a comfort queen has been since birth. She has always preferred her Minky and Cuddle Soft with Satin Ruffles to her flannel or cotton blankets. Her Minky and two sided fleece blankets are too large and bulky to put in the crib without suffocation hazard.

Enter the solution:  Minky crib mattress. I can feel good that she has something to comfort her. She will be satisfied in laying on a bed of luxury and will be okay in the fact that she is not being bundled.

It has been several days since I made it and she has already fallen asleep successfully on it several times without being wrapped up. At 3 am when she woke up this morning I went into their room, put the pacifier back in her mouth and patted her back gently for 30 seconds, until she was still. Then I left the room got back in my bed and waited to hear her protest (as has happened before) but instead she didn't make a pep until 6 am (I know early but for my kids it is pretty normal).
Tutorial time!

Project Difficulty: Easy (1 1/2 hour project, this is with cutting time)
Yardage Needed: 2 yards of Minky, 1 package of 1/2" elastic (one package made 2 sheets)
We need a 69.5" x 45.5" rectangle

Lay your fabric out measure: Out 69.5" (I found it was easiest to make sure I was measuring right to pin the tape measure along the way)

My measuring tape only went to 60 so I pinned there and then pinned another 9.5" inches. I did this on both sides of the fabric. I folded my fabric and matched up the 69.5" markers, I then used my mat, rotary cutter and ruler cut my fabric. Once I had my 69.5" edge cut, I laid out and measured the 45.5" inch from one salvage edge. I then measured and pinned on the other side of the fabric and matched up the pins and folded twice to make it fit on my mat.
Now to cut 1-8 by 8 inch block out of each corner of your rectangle (Also did this with a rotary cutter).
Take up and match the outside edge of the sides of your fabric and pin together. I used my serger to finish my edge so I matched up my right sides but if you don't have a serger you will want to do a french seam because Minky sheds so bad.
After I had finished my corners I sergered around my edges. Then I made a casing for my elastic by folding the edge, if you don't have a serger you will need to make small little fold (1/4" and then your 3/4"). Tip: I like to put two pins down to remind me to stop so I don't close in my casing before getting the elastic in.
Now you will use a safety pin to run your elastic through the casing. I like to put a knot in my elastic because then if my elastic breaks off on the safety pin I can easily find the end and don't have to start all over (and with this the worlds longest casing it is nice if you don't have to start all over). After it was all the way through I tried to distribute the elastic evenly. I am not sure how much elastic I ended up using because I just ran it until it felt right (I know super right brained of me).
Once I have met up the two sides I like to do a zig zag stitch to secure it. I usually drop my stitch length down to 1 or the special stitch and go back till I am satisfied with the security of the elastic. I then cut off my knot. And then I finish my casing.

Then I immediately put it on the bed and let the little lady go down for a snooze. The result was one happy baby girl, what a sweet little sleeping bug!
I loved this project so much I made one for her cousin, Heber. She decided to test that one out to make sure it met the sleeping baby test.

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  1. Your hands remind me of Moms. Great tutorial and great idea! I want a minky sheet too.

  2. Cute! I never thought of using minky as a crib sheet fabric, great idea!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I LOVE the little lady bugs on the crib sheet -- too cute :)

    Charlie @ Match Made On Hudson

  4. Loved this tutorial! Makes me want to use the new sewing machine that I just bought... now if I could figure out how to work it :) I've also featured this post at this week's link party!

    Hope to see you link up again at the party this week that just went LIVE for the weekend!



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