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Things I am Afraid to Tell You - Scary

On Wednesday we will return to Sewing on a Budget but today I will be doing something fun. Remember our friend McKenna from Mother's Day? Well she issued a fun challenge on her blog that I thought I would do as well.

1. I have a explosive temper. Not the logical kind that snaps at big things and then gets over the little ones. Mine is the type of temper that takes little pieces of hurt and anger and lets it grow and fester until I am so overcome by frustration that I blow. And when I blow it isn't like a little thing no big deal it is an exponential blow up.
2. 95% of the time my bedroom is a mess. Most days my dishes and my floors vacuumed, but my bedroom is always the last room in the house to get cleaned. If I don't have time to put stuff away I simply just throw it in my bedroom and ignore it. Last week I pulled everything out of my bedroom that had accumulated over the last month of craziness and tried to deal with it. Our brother, Bubba stopped by and as he looked around the living room (which had been straighten before I was dealing with the mess) he said, "is everyone okay?" I said, "Yes. I am just dealing with the stuff from my room." He surveyed the room once more and with wide eyes said, "All of this was in your room!"
3. I HATE wearing bras. No really I don't like them! But I wear them but I don't like it and when I am not nursing I am glad to run around the house without one (at least for the first and last  few hours of the day). And I love cheep bras that probably don't do a lot of keeping things up but luckily I am young enough that they pretty much stay up on their own. And if I am not in the mood to put a bra on while I am cleaning and need to take out the trash I usually throw on a baggy sweatshirt and run out to the trash with no bra on (but it isn't like anyone can tell because I am talking about really baggy. 
4.(If you have ever lived by me you know this one.)I think getting ready for the day (anything more than showering, brushing hair and teeth, and putting on a fresh t-shirt and workout shorts) is frustrating/silly as a mom. I know I can clean up okay, but most days about the only time I am in front of a mirror is to help Ryder wash his hands after going to the bathroom. I hate when I get dressed up (nice clothes) for the day and then I get spit up/peed/pooped/spilled on.
5. I sleep very little. I am a worry wart. I have a hard time sleeping much more than 4-6 hours most nights. Which I hear insomnia gets worse when you get older so I am a little nervous for that.
6. I once thought I could easily handle 4 to 8 kids (I also don't like odd numbers McKenna so I was thinking 4, 6 or 8), but I barely am surviving having 2 kids. Right now I feel overwhelmed at least 10% of the time, and my house looks 50% overwhelmed. Maybe we are done...maybe we are not...but for right now I am overwhelmed.
7. I hate how Minivans look and hope never to drive one. I know that the Minivan is the modern image of a stay at home mom but I love how cool cars look and driving a Minivan seems like a life sentence to boxy, blind spot, ugliness me. (this should not seem like me battling against my minivan driving friends, I love you just not your car). I am stopping at 7 so that I can try and get over the odd numbers thing.


  1. So glad you joined the fun! We are so similar in #2 and 5!! My room is always the place that things get dumped if I don't have time! I finally tackled it today but man that was a job! And yeah I don't sleep much either, but I blame that on the kiddos ;) So fun to read!

  2. ha ha! You're so funny! Love these. I never would have guessed you have an explosive temper! Totally agree with #4. Sometimes I get a glance at myself in the mirror and I think "Seriously?" ha ha. Things have definitely changed. Funny how after reading all these things your scared to tell people and I still think you are pretty awesome!! Thanks for sharing!


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