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19 days and counting

In 19 days I will be in Helena MT.  Why?  We are relocating.  Until then, I am busy.  I have a contractor coming tomorrow to start installing new carpet upstairs.  That means all of the furniture needs to be elsewhere.  I have a contractor coming on Wednesday to install a bathroom light and outlet.  On Thursday, Hubbin will install the new bathtub and faucet/shower.  On Friday and Saturday a third contractor is coming to fix the cieling and walls in the living room, tile the bathroom, entry ways, and kitchen, and fix the leak in the basement.  
Next week the Elders quorum will come and tear out all of the rotting sheet rock in the basement.  Sometime next week, the relief society will also come over to help me paint.  If we get it all done in time, Hubbin has promised to take his last Monday in MN off, so we can go to Nauvoo for a 3 day weekend.  So, my jobs are to deep clean, patch holes, replace lighting fixtures, remove furniture, direct contractors, find a property management company for this home, find a place to rent in Montana,  tend children, stay on top of my primary calling,  and cook the meals.
Time to put on my super mom costume and go to work!

Project 19 days and counting...GO!

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