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Today's Toddler Snapshots

Today Al and I were at Walmart and I saw the beloved $1 rack. As usual I went to survey the items to see if any of them could work for initial wear or used for future sewing projects. I saw a shirt that was pretty cute but a little loud for my style.
I said to Al, "Do you think I could pull this off."
She nodded, "Ya, I think you could pull that off."
A few moments later Al pulled a shirt off the rack and said, "I think I could pull this one off."
Ryder wanted to join in on the fun so he grabbed at the shirt closest to him and said, "Mommy you could pull this one off too." Then he grabbed at another shirt and said, "I could pull this one off." he proceeded by pulling the shirt off the hanger.
I laughed so hard. I decided the shirt was too loud and that I shouldn't get it but I was grateful for the moment to see how much of others conversation Ryder comprehends.

Blowing your nose makes it all better
Today, I am also dealing with "this time of the month" complications. I promised Ryder that we could go to the playground but I am not feeling well enough to want to hang out on a park bench until he is done playing so I asked him if we could do it another day. He was not real happy about this but when I explained that I had an oweee in my girl potty parts. He first decided that I needed to go to a doctor to make it better. When I told him that wouldn't fix it he then gave me lots of hugs to try and fix it. And when I was still sad he thought of the perfect solution, "I will go get a tissue, Mommy." He then he came out with the perfect amount of tissue for blowing your nose and made me blow until I felt better.

I hurt my bottom
A couple nights ago Ryder wanted to go see his grandparents in Utah, since we won't be heading down for a couple of weeks I was hoping that a phone call would suffice. Papa Utah ask him what fun things he had done today. Ryder couldn't think of anything exciting that day so he decided to choose one from the day before.
Ryder shouted into the phone, "I hurt my bottom on the slide. The doctor fixed my bottom and made it all better." Ryder then proceeded to tell Papa about his leg and his head and how they had been injured when he slipped on the slide.
After Ryder was done with the phone call I had to explain to Grandma and Grandpa Utah that Ryder had slipped while climbing up the slide, and we had taken him to the ER to make sure he didn't need any stitches (which luckily he didn't). I guess we have reached the age I should be hesitant what weeks I let him  talk on the phone because now he can be understood on the phone well enough to get me in trouble.

Hope you have a great weekend and that you are enjoying hearing the things the little ones in your family are saying.

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