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Planning for Next Years Family Pictures

Summer 2003. With our Grandma Twila who passed away a few months later.
Christmas 2005
Grandsons (that is all there was, now at least we have 3 girls) Easter 2007
Just the kids. Thanksgiving 2007

Summer 2008. Jo was pregnant with number 4.
Summer 2009: I was pregnant with Ryder in this picture. Mom made her dress, my dress and the boys ties and vests.
Summer 2010: Ty was a month old  in this picture.  Each family was supposed to be a different color of blue but when the picture got taken it ended up being nearly the same shade.
Summer 2011: Jo's #5 was 2 weeks old and I was pregnant with Boston. Nae and Bubba just started dating at this point so Nae took this picture for us. Mom bought matching polos for each of the boys and we all went with blue/gray/white color scheme.
Summer 2012: A family picture where no one is pregnant...One for the record books.
I think this year was my favorite. All the adult women chose their outfits along with the little girl outfits. The men wore matching ties and the little boys wore tie shirts. I love how we look coordinating without being over the top matchy matchy.
The success of this year has got me really excited for next year. I even made a pinterest board with some potential color schemes, and the adults are voting for their far these 4 top the charts. I was hoping that if we got our colors figured out we could take advantage of summer clearance.
Autumn color
Color Locked
Feathered Hues
Flora Color
Which color scheme is your favorite? How do you decide on a color scheme? What time of year do you usually take your family's pictures?

Last year my nuclear family's pictures color scheme were determined by what shirt was least noticeable with my pregnant belly. And when I knew I could take pictures without throwing up but before I looked too big. This year (for my nuclear family) I think I will try to incorporate a subtle color scheme that coordinates without over matching.

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