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Getting through it with Inspiration, Intuition and Perspiration

As I told you, I said something stupid which lead to Ryder thinking that the calling of "boy" or "mommy" was a temporary position that if you were unsatisfied with the results that you could just go to the store a pick one up or go looking for one.
After I wrote that blog post, it got WORST. Ryder was having such a hard time going to bed or naps, and he was constantly trying to escape to find a "new mommy".
His requirements for a new mommy are that would never make him take a nap and the two of them would  play outside forever and eat gogurts all day. I didn't know what to tell him. I tried not to force his hand so he didn't feel like his needs were unexpressed. We stayed outside for 30 minutes as he thought about how he would get a new mom only to have me then tell him we needed to take a nap. Then the next day he went at it again at nap time, so Al came over and was his new mommy for a few hours. Where he cried to her that, "My Mommy loves me!" Finally he decided to take a nap at her house and when he woke up I was there. He gave me the biggest hug and told me that he wanted me to be his "new mommy".
The "new mommy" moment taught me that even though Ryder is talking a ton (like non-stop) he still is working on how to express his emotional needs. This last week I have made sure we have been on a very strict schedule with nap times and bed times. I have also taken 5-15 minutes to cuddle him in bed before he goes to bed. It has been so good for both of us. He has his one on one time that he needs and it gives me a break from trying to keep up with everything because I realize that he really does need me to show him physical attention.
I love being a mom and how even though there are tough things that through inspiration, intuition and perspiration even the toughest challenges you get through.
In addition to loving being a mom I also love naptime my kids look so sweet when they sleep...I love that my little girl sleeps like a bug and softly sucks her thumb when she gets tired......How she looks with tons of ruffles, she is so skinny that it gives her some much needed volume.

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  1. Dont worry, all mommys say things in the moment that we later regret and I our wonderful kids wont let us forget =)Im glad things are working out better for you though.


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