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Would He be Pleased to Linger and Rest? {Home Organization: Free Printable}

Dear Sisters,

So as I was helping Power Shoes with his final paper of the semester, I found this quote from President Monson that I really loved! I loved it not because I am so good at doing it, but because it tells me I have room to grow. If you would've seen my home this week you probably would've been as overwhelmed as I was. Between making costumes for Cow Appreciation day at Chick-fil-A, going to a 3 day family reunion, being a mom, teaming up to make some really incredible dinners, and helping my husband finish the semester strong, my house looked like a no-man's land war zone. 





“Have we cultivated a spirit of love in our homes? Observed President David O. McKay, ‘A true Mormon home is one in which if Christ should chance to enter, he would be pleased to linger and to rest’ (in Conference Report, Oct. 1947, 120). What are we doing to ensure that our homes meet this description? Do we ourselves meet it?” 

~Thomas S. Monson, “Dedication Day,” Liahona, Jan. 2001, 79




It was not a home in which if Christ should enter that he would be pleased to linger, and I know this because it was not a space that even I wanted to be in. Most of the time my home is decent, but there is definitely room for improvement. That being said, I feel that my most important calling is as mother and wife and not as house keeper. I will not sacrifice the needs of my children in order to keep a perfect house all the times. Also I love sewing and doing crafts and those require a little bit of the disaster in the process of doing them, and I will not stop doing something that brings me joy.


I have a friend that keeps a tidy house at all times. She amazes me and I envy her to some extent, but not enough to be her. She is pretty much always cleaning. About once a month she will do a craft or sewing project only because she has nothing else to clean and needs something to clean. 


Four months ago my ward held a Home Organization Workshop for the sisters in our Relief Society. We asked two of the sisters that excelled in this to talk about techniques that helped them be good at keeping their homes clean. In addition to that we had all of the sisters collaborate their knowledge and experience. I then took all of this information to make a booklet with useful techniques that each sister could have in their homes. 


I've been trying to follow some of these pointers since I put it all together and it has made a huge difference (minus this week because I didn't have the time to follow it). I would like to share it with you. Not because you aren't all already amazing, but because I know that for me that when people share their secrets to success with me, it makes my life easier.

  Enjoy! {Free Printable Here}


P.S. What do you do to make the jobs of motherhood less daunting?


  1. I can't seem to get the printable...the link takes me to Google that right?


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