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Meal Planning Update.

Yesterday I went to our new ward's playgroup as I was getting to know the women there I met a lady who does all her meal planning 5 Weeks at a time! Isn't that amazing. I asked for further details because I was super impressed and a little shocked that someone could be that on top of it.
Here are the highlights of her 5 week meal planning plan:
  • Uses the same 40 favorite recipes and if she isn't feeling one meal she just rotates it with another one
  • Grocery shopping once every 5 weeks to get her groceries
  • 2-3 meals a week are in the crockpot because she works part time and doesn't get home soon enough to make dinner
  • As a side she serves home canned vegetables. (She cans one can for every day of the year)
Meal planning is something I have been good at in the past but not great my weaknesses include: CRAVINGS! Days turning out a lot busier than I anticipated. Or weather (I like soup when it is cold).
But this week has gone pretty good so far, here has been the results (bold=success) (strike=change of plans)(italics=added bonus)

B: Granola bars and water
L: Melons (moved this to another day)
D: Pioneer Woman Chili w/ lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, corn chips.

D: Chicken Croissants Pockets (use breadstick recipe instead of croissant dough and cream of chicken soup mix), 3 Cheese Hassleback Potatoes, 1/2 recipe of Layered Salad. (replace by melon)

B: Greek Yogurt
L: Left overs YUMMY! (we went to town with Nae to look at sewing machines)
D: BBQ at Bishop's Home (bring a broccoli salad because Power Shoes loves it)

B: Crepes and Strawberry sauce
L: Left overs from Tuesday!
D: Deen Bros Lighter Un-fried Chicken (replaced by grilled thighs, still really good just a lot quicker), Oven Potatoes Honey Lime Fruit Salad (replaced by still melon) & applesauce

Do you like meal planning? If you meal plan what is your system? How many weeks do you do at a time? Do you meal plan for sides or just the main meal?

Al and I are really trying to work on this right now so any suggestions you have would be awesome!

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