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The List of No Return

Ever wonder why we are only half decent bloggers, it is because every day that goes by we try to finish one old project and end up starting 2 more. Don't believe us just look at Scary and I's combined project list.

    Sell Closet full of Yard Sale Clothes:

  • Take pictures of clothing
  • Upload and Organize on the moving blog
  • Locate small hipped/bust females to purchase old super cute clothing
  • Hide profits from self so they can be spent on new clothing that fits, instead of on fabric/craft supplies/toilet paper

    Finish Placemats:

  • Cut Remaining frames
  • Spray Paint place setting silhouette
  • Get it laminated

    Participate in Project Run and Play

  • Plan out outfits
  • Begin sewing 
  • Take pictures of kiddos in projects

    Other stuff

  • Plan out Refashioning projects (laundry basket full)
  • Hem tan Gap jeans from Scary
  • Cut jean square for picnic blankets (another laundry basket heaping full)
  • Figure out Planner/Organizer/Financial ledger system (and make it cute) -----Suggestions would be appreciated!
  • Make Ty and Brooklyn ruffle romper/dress
  • Make Bubba and Nae's wedding quilt (a few months late *nervous laugh*)
  • Shorten bed skirt
  • Help Scary put her new bed skirt on
  • Clean out small storage shed
  • Finish staining bench
  • Refinish crib
  • Refinish table & chairs
  • Get Skinny (dedication ends where the cream and butter hit the pan): Maybe lunges  would help they make you super sore so they should make our legs skinny right?
  • Definitely wash heaping piles of laundry, potentially fold them.
  • Fix pretty skirt that Rhett took sewing scissors to. 
  • Make Stick horses

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