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Dior Inspired Sewing

In High School my family visited MET as  part of New York family vacation. I was so excited when one of the collections was the Haute Couture which featured several of Dior's dresses. I was over whelmed with happiness as I saw the textures and the sure quantity of beautiful fabric.
As I read about Dior and how took fashion from function to beauty. His designs were feminine and accentuated a ladies shape.
I love beautiful fabric, though quilting goes so much quicker for me. I don't feel as alive when I am working on quilt than when I am making a pretty dress. I remember the looks of disgust/awe I got from people when I told them that my senior prom dress had 30 yards of fabric in it. I can only imagine the looks Dior got when he changed fashion from function to glamor in a post WWII world. (Dior and I both studied the field of Political Science).
Instead of copying one of Dior's dresses I decided to look over hundred's of his designs and come up ground rules for my own creation (All pictures from the MET website):
1. Dior designs have dimension from using different fabrics.
"May" Spring 1953
"Junon" dress, Fall/Winter 1949–50
2.He loved showing a woman's shape.
"Mexico" spring/summer 1953
"Nuit D'Aout" Spring/Summer 1954

Now though I love Dior my fabric budget doesn't allow  for fancy fabrics, so the material I used for my Dior Inspired Sewing project was from a curtain that didn't dye right and a red tag fabric from Joann's. Though neither are silk I loved the shimmer on the shell fabric and I love the design that is embroidered on the skirts.
Here is my result:

When I finished it today I wasn't sure I fit Dior style but then I came across these two designs and felt comfortable with calling mine a Dior Inspired Sewing projects.
Donated to the MET
by Mrs. William Randolph Hearst, Jr., 1953
"Eugénie" Fall/Winter 1948–49
Ty was in "pretty dress" heaven. When she put her new dress one of her friends demanded to go home and put another princess dress. 


  1. very pretty dress! Cutie pattotie of a little girl :)

  2. oh Dior !!!
    I cannot believe your prom dress had 30 yards of fabric !

  3. I like your process of coming up with your design. It reads very Dior to me. I had one Christian Dior shirt in middle school and it was exactly that color.

  4. Beautiful dress for a beautiful little girl! I love mixing different fabric types, too. Oh, and holy cow...30 yards of fabric?? That must have been some dress!


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