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Our Cute Kids

So most days and moments of being a mom are really hard. It seems that toddlers are almost always pushing limits and doing things they probably shouldn't. Even though parenting is frustrating a lot of the time, it seems that there are sweet little moments each day when you kid does the cutest darndest thing. When these happen, I'm going to sit down at the computer and write a blog post about it so that I can remember that moment. I invite all of my dear sisters to capture these beautiful moments and share them with me. Label them: kids say the darndest things.

Yesterday was one of those super sweet moments. Scary and I were in the kitchen making dinner and the kids were sitting across from each other at the table eating raisins.
As they were eating Ryder said to Ty, "You wanna get married?" Chuckle, chuckle.
Pause, "Ya." Chuckle, chuckle (Ty)
"You wanna pick out a movie?" (Ryder)
"Ya. Let's get get married and pick up a movie." (Ty)
"Okay." (Ryder) By now they are both giggling.


I love that that's what they think marriage is all about. They are kind of clueless, but at the same time not. Marriage is about give and take. Sometimes you pick the movie and sometimes your spouse does. Sometimes you get the flavor of ice-cream you like and sometimes your honey does. If you don't have this kind of a relationship, maybe you should try it. As Power Shoes and I have tried to do this, things go a lot better for us.

In relation to choosing movies, my Dad always said something like "Real men watch chick flicks." (His definition were not cheesy movies, but the "tear jerkers") I have definitely agree with this. I think more of my husband as he appreciates the worthwhile movies and doesn't disregard them just because they attract more of the feminine crowd. We've gotten good at taking turns on movies that interest us because Red-box and Chinese is the easiest Friday night date with young kids.

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