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A long time coming… table

Yep Celina jacked this from your Facebook Account but you will still love me.
This week we are going to be highlighting some refinishing done by us and some of our cute amigas. Today we are happy to have Celina; who is bubbly, sassy and just fun. And we LOVE Spending time with this crazy girl. 

My husband’s parents gifted us an old table a year or so ago, and we welcomed it gladly(hey, who doesn’t like free stuff?). The thing with this table is, I can really only think of 2 words to describe it: “eye” and “sore”. No, really. I might describe the color as ‘royal green’ (it’s REALLY green!) and needless to say it's the only thing of its kind in the apartment anywhere. Something needed to be done. I really actually like the style of the table, but the green (and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE green) kind of kicked me in the eye every time I walked by. So I decided to refinish it.

First, we sanded ‘er down. BOY. There was WAY more paint on that table than anticipated! It took all day. And that’s no exaggeration. We started around 11 in the morning and didn’t finish til the sun was setting. I already liked it so much better! I almost considered staining it rather than painting it.
Buuuuut I already bought the paint! So we went ahead and primed and painted her black. A coat or two of oil-based primer/sealer/stainblocker, a light sanding, and she was ready for paint. 3 light coats of a water-based “satin black” and it was lookin perty. We (and I keep saying “we”, but let’s be honest: I did most the work ;) ). Topped it off with a Polycrylic finish, 2 coats, and that’s a wrap!
In retrospect, this was a really fun project! I’d totally do it again. And I probably will, what with other inherited furniture around just wanting to fit in.

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