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Jo & Hubbin {Just Another Day in Paradise Photography with a Large Family}

Jo & Hubbin have the most energetic family of 7, I have ever been around. Jo stays crazy busy with homeschooling the 3 oldest and loving the 2 youngest. The last time I had a chance to take their family pictures was when her 3rd was a baby, when I was headed to Montana to visit her she requested that I take her family's picture. When I asked her what poses/pictures she would like she said that she had no expectations but that I should just go with the flow and really try to capture the spirit of her family.
Here is my easy going photo shoot (or little to no-posing) of Jo's family. With the older 3 boys I tried to give them themes and then just shot what ever actions they made.
Warning: this post is going to have a lot of pictures

Make a funny face
Looking presidential

Ninja moves.

I told the boys to show me their muscles.

Classic try to get everyone to smile.

For this one I had Jo and Hubbin stay in the frame and had the kids run to them.
Just another day in Paradise

When you get a picture like this at the end of the photo shoot you can't help but be happy.

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