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Leaf Monster Suit

I had my ideas what I would do for Boy Week but that all got changed when Rhett said to me, "I want a Leaf Monster Suit for my Birthday".
Now for the back story: last week Power Shoes celebrated his birthday, one of his birthday presents was a Ghillie Pancho for duck hunting. Rhett looks up to all of his uncles and watches to see what they think is cool and tries to imitate.
At that moment I realized that my dreams of sewing a little church suit for Boy's Week were going out the window and what my son really wanted/needed was a Leaf Monster suit. How could I say no to the cute birthday boy.
The pancho was made using tricot (so it would be soft); spray painted with brown, gray and black. The hood was lined with a light brown fabric that has a warm soft texture. The leaves were cut out of quilters cotton and placed with Heat-n-Bond Lite using a Silhouette. After I randomly placed hundreds of leaves I ironed them down and then sewed lines across the poncho every inch which ended up being 64 lines.And then I sewed the leaves on the hood on individually.
It totally made his birthday to get a "Leaf Monster Suit". Each individually place leaf added a depth to the suit.
Here is how to make your own (Pancho): 
1. Use the hood of the sweatshirt that fits your little monster as a pattern, add 5/8" for seam allowance (I just pinned it directly to the material). Cut one from tricot and one from lining fabric.
2. Measure from wrist to wrist (width) and from shoulder to ankle (height). Using these measurements cut two (for my very tall 3 year old this was 30 by 32).
3. With the sweatshirt folded in half measure from the middle of the neck to the edge of the neckline (mine was 5 1/2"). Measure from the top of the shoulder down to the neck line in my case this was 1 1/2").
4. Sew right sides together for outer hood. Then sew right sides together for inner lining. Then sew the right side of the lining to the right side of the outer hood.
5. Sew the right sides of the two panels together.
6. Turn the panels right side out and fold on seam.
7. Fold in half and use the measurements found in 3 to cut the neckline.
8. Sew the right sides of the hood and the neck of the panels.
9. Spray paint the tricot; with brown, gray and black.
10: Iron Light Heat-n-bond on fabric (I used a 1/4 yard of 5 fabrics)
11: Cut out Leaves (we used the Silhouette)
12. Randomly place leafs
12. Iron Leaves on to pancho.
13. On the wrong side of the fabric mark lines every 1"
14. Sew along the lines and individually tack leaves on hood.
15. Throw it in the washer to fluff up leaves.
16. Clip your strings and let your little monster enjoy.


  1. you spray painted fabric??? awesome !

  2. Gosh, I would never have thought of this. Very innovative and nice.


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