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Precious and Few: PR&P Sew-Along Recap

We are pleased to have a Shannon here today. I was blown away by so many members of the Project Run and Play Sew Along Pool, I was impressed by how she made stylish but still functional items. Then I went to her blog and I was blown away by what a fun family she has, if you haven't you really should check out her blog. 

Hi, I’m Shannon from over at Precious and FewI want to thank the Shaffer Sisters for asking me to be a part of their PR&P recap. I have always enjoyed making things and, although sewing has been one of my primary mediums for creating since I was 10, sewing clothes for children is one of my newest endeavors.  

What your favorite thing about participating in PR&P?

My favorite thing about participating in the PR&P sew-along is that I could. Back in February of this year, I recall checking out the PR&P season at that time (I have followed PR&P from the beginning), and desperately wishing that I had the time to participate in the sew-long. However, at the time, I was filling every spare moment with studying for licensing exams. Between kids and establishing my career, I had had little extra time for anything else since they had been born. Fast forward to this season of PR&P. My licensing exams are over and I now have more time for family and friends, church activities, and my hobbies. I began with the first week of the sew along. It was 8pm the night before the first project deadline, and I thought to myself, I can do this! Sewing clothing for little girl truly fed my soul over the past few months.

What your favorite clothing item you made this season?

I think it would be the grey bubble dress that I made for the fall holiday challenge: 

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I might do for this project and, to be honest, was relieved that it all came together! I combined aspects of two patterns: Anna Horner's Handmade Beginnings Baby-in-the-Hood Jacket and Growing Up Sew Liberated Crossover Tee (which only came in sizes 2-4T so I had to alter it to a smaller size). I then added a bubble skirt which I mostly figured out from looking at one that my daughter had in her closet. For the legging, I was able to upcycle a t-shirt that I have had on hand for at least a year that I had picked up with the intent of making leggings for ‘A.’ I am a complete newbie to altering patterns so I was very pleased when the project worked out.

Following the picture are the links 
to my blog for my PR&P projects:

And your favorite part about being a mom. 

My favorite part of being a mom is the love I feel towards my two little ones and the love that they give back. ‘O’ (my 4-year-old) frequently says “I wuv you sooo much,” and I recently started saying back, “I wuv you too.” He then says in a matter-of-fact way, “Why did you say that?” referring to my pronunciation of love (completely unaware of how he says it). ‘A’ recently started giving kisses. She also frequently pats me on the back when I pick her up and repeatedly says "mommy" is the sweetest little questioning voice whenever she is riding in the car. 

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