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Our Halloween Costumes (Goldilocks & The Three Bears) and (Incognito Family)

Hope your Halloween was as good as ours!
Goldilocks and the 3 bears
Al made her top and Power Shoes full outfit. Ty's costume was made by Momma Shaffer out of a dress she used to have! And Heber's is a hand-me down from Rhett's first birthday/Halloween.
I was Carmen SanDiego, Slim Jim was Waldo, Ryder was Big Foot, Boston was Pink Panther
My Costume was a red rain coat and the hat I got at a thrift store in Helena for 1 dollar it was bright pink and I spray painted it red.  Slim Jim's costume I used a white shirt and spray painted the strips on with Painters tape. And the poof on top of the hat is done from t-shirt. Rhett's Big Foot Costume you probably recognize. Boston's Pink Panther costume I made using some Leggings as a pattern for the pants, the feet of the pants I got from some footy pjs, and the sweatshirt was from a hooded sweatshirt she had. I didn't have any pink rib nit so I finished the arms and bottom of the sweatshirt with fuschia colored elastic.
The babies were happy to be along for the ride.
Kids walking up to the door.
Ty doing the robot.
Happy Halloween

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