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To My Mom the Material Girl

Dear Mom,
As I go through your sweet fabric stash to pull fabric that might work out for Project Run and Play. One word, Nostalgia. It hit me so hard that had to take a break from working through it and write this down.

The hard part is where to start?  I guess humor is always good. I love when you reposted this the other day on Facebook it made me smile and I laughed because I am pretty sure Slim Jim and Dad both have had a fair amount of patience with our fabric stashes over the years.
facebook via. Sew News
I think that patience comes from besides the fact that creating it makes us very happy they are always amazing at the end result of a our finished projects.
After sorting through varying colors/types of lace, satin and organza I was so pleased to reflect back and remember all the beautiful and timeless things you have made for the members of our family. And because of your vision I was inspired and had the drive to make some elegant things with your guidance.
Then coming upon the swimsuit material I remembered the running shorts you would make for my Hersey Track Relay team every year when we went to state track. We were always excited to see what the design would be for that year.
First bag is Satin and Organza from my Senior Prom Dress (30 yard one)
My hope is that my salvaged scraps might be able to make something as beautiful or fun as your original designs and that some day that Boston and I will be able to have a similar connections and stories.

I Love you and thank you for all the hours you spent on me (whether that was sewing, cheering at sporting events or being my mom)!

P.S. In the future this is how I think you should sort your scraps in the future:
1. Fabric large enough to make children's clothing out of.
2. Fabric that would make nice flowers or bows. And only keep enough that you would actually do it. In large enough sections that they would be useful for doing so.
3.  Cut off/discard any scraps that are smaller than 1 inch in height/width.

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