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Menschy Monday: Operation Honesty

Despite my love for order and organization, I really struggle with the mundane everyday kind of house jobs and in particular dishes and laundry. Dishes are the better of the two since they usually get done a couple days a week. This is in preparation for company coming over, because I want to cook up a storm and need measuring spoons, or because we have nothing else to eat on. It’s really incredible how long we can make it without doing dishes, but it’s due to the fact that we have so many sets of dishes, pans, and measuring spoons. To help me get over this procrastination, I have called on Jo’s assistance. For Christmas this year, I am giving her all of the extra pans and dishes that I don’t need and that might be useful to her(don’t worry, she already knows).

So Laundry. Haha. It’s such a funny word to me these days. I like wearing and having clean clothes, but that is the one household chore that can get put in my bedroom, have the door shut on, and get forgotten about until the end of the day when I am more than ready for sleep. Right now I am wearing a skirt and nice shirt and I didn’t even make it out of the house today. Why, you might ask? Simple. I am nearly out of laundry and my basketball shorts and t-shirts are usually the first to go. Besides washing our underclothing, accidents from Ty, and super poops from Heber we have not done laundry since Halloween (I bet your jaw just dropped just like my friend Cyd and Scary’s did today). We don’t have a washer and dryer and a pretty tight budget so we just try to last as long as possible until the next time we visit a family member with a washer and dryer (thank you Mom and Jo for sharing your wealth). 

I remember a couple years ago when Ty was a baby and both Farm Boy and I were in school. Scary and I had ran to Wal-Mart for diapers. We were somewhere in the baby section and this little girl and her mom were down the same aisle. The little girl said, “Mommy, why is that Mommy wearing a dress?” I gave a sheepish look and said, “Because I really need to do laundry.” I could tell the mom was embarrassed by her daughter and told me that I looked very nice. I am probably the reverse of most people I wear the casual comfortable clothes first, and the dressy stuff on Sundays and when there is nothing else left. 

When we are finally all out we do a ton of loads of laundry at once (the one advantage of coin-op washers and dryers). I know this is something I really need to work on. There is an image I downloaded from Silhouette that says, laundry today or naked tomorrow. I should probably post this image all over my house, but I think that might just throw off the aesthetics.

 When we are completely out of clothes, I find myself forced to hollow out a pumpkin and cut some holes for legs and stuff my baby into it (see picture above)

Just kidding, that was a picture from Halloween. I want my husband to make me a wash board for Christmas so I could just wash my clothes at home. I also I hope that someday when I have a washer and dryer in my house that I will be more amazing about doing laundry. I also think that getting rid of some unwanted clothes might help this situation.What are useful techniques for those of you who stay up on laundry easily?


  1. I pay 15$ for the semester and wear my clothes to the locker room and then am handed clean clothes at the end of the day I return the shirt and shorts and put on my own clothes and go home. Another trick is i wear camo clothing that is sent free this way you can't see where iI spilled on my shirt or pants and you can't smell that the clothes have not been washed since Halloween....... ALSO when they do start to smell iI build a fire and we have a hot dog roast and then no one else can smell my clothes they just say "ahhhh, and I love the smell of camp fires"

    1. Those are some really great pointers. Thank you. Power Shoes would probably be willing to loan out his camo if he wasn't as badly in need of clean laundry as me. The campfire trick is pretty creative. Too bad that doesn't work as well in the winter.
      I've enjoyed getting a man's perspective on clean laundry. Thank you.

  2. Good news. I got to some of the laundry this week. Since I ran out of quarters, I washed my laundry by hand and dried it the next day at my in-laws. And also I realized that Power Shoes washed his work clothes a couple of times since Halloween.


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