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Sister's Challenge: Operation Honesty

I love this little blog. I love how the four of us have a chance to unwind, create and share. As much as I love this blog, I don't love this blog more than I love the sisters that I share it with. MY SISTERS are amazing.
This morning when I woke up I was frustrated for the last time with my hair. I was 10 minutes from doing something drastic like going all Britney Spears on it. Luckily right then Al called and asked if I needed any help today. I told her I needed my hair cut. So she agreed to cut it right then saving me from a terrible hair cut by my own hand and my husband's hair clippers. She double, triple, quadruple confirmed that she wasn't cutting off too much. I then proceeded to encourage her to take off another 1 1/2 inches. As she clipped we talked about money stresses we were both dealing with and tried to provide emotional support for each other. 30 minutes later my head was lighter (physically and emotionally) and her floor was sprinkled in brown curly locks. She then took Ryder on an adventure so that I could clean my house.
While Rhett was out of the house I called Jo and we talked about parenting, marriage and lack of money. As we talked we compared emotional battle wounds. I thought  that yesterday Rhett's running from one end of the chapel to the other during the closing prayer was frustrating and embarrassing. Then she recounted her Sabbath experience and I was immediately grateful that the Lord has given me stewardship over two of his children and not five because I know I don't have the emotional strength like she does.
After talking with my sisters today I decided that the thing that makes me love them is that they aren't perfect. But it is because they are as flawed and as overwhelmed, as I am. And sometimes there is joy and strength in knowing that you aren't alone. I watch them some how make it through one more day and know that I can do it too.
I decided that at least once a month I am going to be honest about something that I am dealing with that is hard for me (hopefully as I practice this will get easier). I hope by doing this that I can give someone else the chance to know they aren't all alone. It would be my hope that my sisters could join me in this at least this one time and if they feel so inclined to continue it with me in the future.
Today's honest moment: We are broke. Our lack of money occupies most of my waking and some of my sleeping thoughts. I am often overwhelmed when I think about the percentage of our finances we have have going out each month. In recent months Slim Jim and I have had to sell plasma to make ends meet. It makes me not want to go out on dates with my husband because we have to think about spending money, it is the reason that I want start to potty training Boston at 18 months.

It seems like with all my creativity in the budget we will never have enough but some how I am sure we will just keep chugging along.

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