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Looks like a NFC (Nothing for Christmas)

We are kicking off to an insane week for the Shaffer Sisters.

Last night our dear sweet Grandpa John passed away. It was bittersweet. He was definitely suffering and it was good for him to go. Not only that but with every Christmas season that comes, he is left longing to be with Grandma Twila even more. This last weekend we all spent time with Grandpa John. It was good to be with family, share stories, and eat homemade rolls. I’m glad that we went to see him, but it puts us days behind since Momma Shaffer was going to watch the toddlers over the weekend so we could finish Christmas presents.
We are days behind, but trying to work as fast as Christmas elves can. We are trying to have a $0-2 budget per person.

As you can see the kids are getting along swimmingly. So maybe it will be a NFC for them, if they don’t start behaving.
We can’t promise that there will be a lot of posts this week. But we will try our best to keep the posts coming, even if they are in their most simple form. (We do know that these might not be helpful this year but maybe you can pin them and save the ideas for next year). If you have any questions about the how, comment or email us and we will let you know more.
Excuse our punny pictures, we are just in that kind of mood.

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