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Wrap up of 2012 and Looking 2013

November of last year we started this blog after a suggestion from a friend of Al's and mine and a phone call sister's counsel. At the time when we started this blog I was in my last trimester of pregnancy and trying to potty train a toddler. Al was student teaching, had a 1 1/2 year old, and in her second trimester of pregnancy. Jo had a 5 month old baby girl plus her four other boys. It potentially was the worse timing ever for us to start a blog but somehow we survived the beginnings of getting a blog going.
I felt like though we posted in those first few months I wasn't really sure that it would work until Valentine's Day when we decided to make 3 outfits in 1 day, do a photo shoot and then blog about it. The funny thing about that is the outfit that we first started that post was Boston's which because the satin was cheap didn't wash well and I ended up throwing it away. I had a few scraps from Boston's dress and other projects and realized that we could make a 3-Tiered Skirt for Ty. After whipping that up we decided that we could just make Ryder's tie shirt since we had a small amount of super wide bright pink satin ribbon. Ryder's tie shirt was a big hit with him and when he would wear it we would get tons of compliments, which made me realize sometimes you will be surprised by which project is your favorite.
I love how the photo shoot turned out. It was fun to have the kids be natural and just snap pictures of them with their sweet personalities. After that Al and I were addicted. In relation to this blog I think we will always think of V-Day as our real beginning.

We were so pleased with the V-Day Outfits that we decided to make rainbow pillowcase dresses for the girls and a little leprechaun outfit for Ryder. It was so fun going to Walmart and picking out several different fabrics and trying to put them together for a cohesive rainbow. Out of that project the rainbow dresses were my favorite and Boston was able to wear it for a long time first as a dress and then as a top. Though we haven't done it yet it would be one that I would like to replicate it, with new fabric or maybe same though different occasion.

Even after this we weren't the best about posting but we tried our best. Jo was busy with homeschooling with a toddler and baby, made clothes for all of her kids for their Hawaii trip and some practical pillowcases, all the while being the encouraging big sister (Mary or Martha, Even Hermits Outgrow their Shells). Al had a baby (Birth Story Part I, Part II), played with the idea of being a Hermit, while trying her best to keep her house organized and laundry done. I survived my first real family vacation to Yellowstone,  me just trying to survive life with two littles (Tips for the Hermit that has to Go, 1/2 a gallon of Oil and a Greasy Baby, Try Again Mom, The New Mommy Project, When you say something stupid). We got to welcome our new sister Nae to the blog. She was busy with work, downsizing our brother from 2 storage sheds to 1, and taking care of 2 former bachelors. There was a lot to juggle and we were grateful to get a preview of the humor in her life. We look forward to seeing more of her next year.
One of my favorite/most used project for the year was Boston's Minkee Crib Sheet. It has been something we have both loved, I have loved how well it has washed (better than any other crib mattress I have owned). Boston's favorite project was her Minkee blanket, it is her favorite blanket and goes down so easily as long as she has a corner of her favorite blanket. Ryder's favorite project was his tie shirt and then the leaf monster suit.
This Fall we received our first feature on a Link up party for our Sweatshirt Refashion
So I Married A Craft BloggerThis is the most socially responsible craft that has linked up to date. Some sweatshirts should not be worn by adults. Check your closet. If you have a sweatshirt with horse heads or roses, please, help yourself by doing this craft. Your man and your kid will thank you. ~ So I Married a Craft Blogger
I loved participating in Project Run & Play Sew Along Challenge and that really pushed me to design and sew quicker than I ever had before. I met some really awesome women.

It has been fun having Jo closer since she moved from MN to MT to be able to see her more often. It was a treat to be able to sew a pillowcase dress for her little girl and take pictures of her family while Al and I were visiting for a few days.
Jo is such a shining example of what a modern pioneering woman is (maintaining a garbage disposal, easy peanut butter balls, remodeling her house).
Al has been a great support to me as I bounced ideas off of her and has played as an awesome sous seamstress to many of my projects (like helping me cut out tons of little leaves or even letting her son model a dress so I could submit it to PR&P since Boston was under the weather). Al has made some really amazing stuff in the last year but has been holding out a little so hopefully we can get her to display it here so it can be inspiration for you.
By the way did you see the amazing nativity she made? The truth is she actually made 3 sets of blocks and she was amazing at weeding.

Our goal for this blog for the upcoming year is to get more readers and to provide information for our readers that useful and inspiring to you, with the addition of Link-In party going every week as well. Soon we will be offering our projects, artwork and crafts on Etsy.

Is there something as our reader that you would like to see in 2013?
Silhouette projects? Quilting projects? Articles about Marriage? Recipes? Or something else. Help us out!

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  1. What a fun year! I don't know if I could have survived it without this blog and my sweet sisters. You have been there for me beyond what you could ever guess. Thank you for your honesty, inspiration, and most importantly your friendship. I will try to share the fun stuff this next year!


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