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1st Hair Cut

Wednesday was a really great day. I cut Heber's hair for the first time. It started out as just using the guides on the clippers around his ears, but then it was such a stark difference between long and short that I had to cut the rest of it a little shorter too. It's really great that we did because it was long enough on top that I could do little braids. It was easy enough to do with the distraction of marshmallows (he really loves them) and setting him on the table so he was tall enough. 

As we were cutting Heber's hair. Marshmallows is a great way to start of the day right?

At the end of the day Heber had to take a bath. These are always disasters because he hates them so badly. I just assumed he would spend his entire life hating baths since he has spent his life thus far doing such. Last night was an exception to the rule; he loved his bath so much. He discovered he could splash and get all wet and he was incredibly happy. I let him stay in for quite a while. I just couldn't get enough of his pure elation in this discovery. Kids remind you of the simple pleasures in life and I am so blessed to have 2 wonderful children.

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