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Balance is a word I have had on my mind a lot lately. As I try to balance my roles as a stay at home mom (all that involves, with cooking, cleaning, etc.), wife, sister, aunt, friend, church member, and blogger.
Last week when I woke up for the day, to complete darkness, with a cold house, I suddenly realized that the power was out and had been for a while (because of how cold it was in our apartment). I scrambled to get light so that I could feed and care for the kids. Within a few minutes I had a candle for all of the common areas of the house. I then tried to find something easy to serve to the kids. Not knowing when the power would come back on I began to think what I would be able to serve for lunch or dinner that night if the power had not come back on? Ooops. It hit me like a rock..... months ago I had the impression that I needed to prepare for power outages and I had set it aside. Now I didn't have the tools I needed.

When the sun finally came up I opened the blinds and cuddled underneath the blankets. I opened a  book called the "Art of Homemaking" (if you are a reader of Simple Simon & Co. I know you have heard of this book before). As I read through the introduction, I was hit by Facet 10, of an Ideal Homemaker:
An ideal homemaker's activities are well balanced. Though she may be noted for a specialty and devote a major part of her time to one particular phase she doesn't spend all of her time to one particular phase, she doesn't spend all of her time cook, nor does she concentrate just on sewing, or on cleaning or reading, or on outside interests. She reaches out to include in her life stimulating projects which serve as an incentive to her. This gives her a beautiful cut. (pg. 3, Chapter: The Ideal Homemaker, "The Art of Homemaking")
At that moment I suddenly realized that I needed to figure out a way to schedule my day so I didn't leave anything behind. This process has been an imperfect one for sure. Since then I have been trying to remind myself every day. Which means I have been trying to be wise about how much time I send at my computer or at my sewing machine. It has been so freeing, though I am far from perfect yet. The best I can do today is to give you a little inspiration and ask for your help in suggestions for how to find a balanced life. Please let your comments be inspiring to us and your fellow readers.

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  1. I am getting this book tomorrow. I swear everything I read from it is spot on. I am in dire need of organization and balance seems to be my key right now. Thanks for some inspiration!


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