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Crib Re-purpose: Corner Bench

This completes project 4 of 4 with the crib re-purpose series. We used the 2 ends of the crib and some scrap wood to make a corner bench. We ended up shortening it some so that it would be more accessible for the little ones. I don't want to tell you my exact parameters, but my advice would be to work with what you have and follow your gut feelings on what size you make it. I was able to look at 2 different tutorials and I just meshed the 2 together plus my own intuition to make it work. I got most of the techniques from Gail at My Repurposed Life and she was inspired from a headboard/foot-board bench that Jessica at Running With Scissors made.

The yellow paint didn't work out quite like I would have hoped. After more than 5 hours of priming and painting, you can still see glimpses of darkness (from the original crib color). I am going to pick up some grey paint and then distress it so that you will get bits of the yellow and original dark brown. Despite the color mess-up, the kids love it and it is the perfect piece of furniture in their room. Not only that but there is room for Ryder and Boston when they come over.

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  1. This is such a great upcycling idea. Makes me wish I still had my daughter's crib. :)


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