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Happy Birthday #4, Your Four!

My little man, #4, needed just a tiny something extra, to make this birthday a really special one.  So, this momma decided to make him an outfit that he could rock.  #4 is requesting lots of pockets and orange. Here is a sneak peak in to my project board, and my finished creation.

My dear friend from  made these birthday shirts for each of her kiddos- and I love them!
I love the color contrast, use of prints, and the fact that he owns that 5!
I plan to use a solid t-shirt material for the background and a printed fabric for the number four. 
 What I love about these pants, is their straight legs, their square pockets, and their soft waste band.
I plan to line the pants, the pockets, and use the same fabric for the waste band.  I don't plan to use a draw string, but elastic instead.

 He loves it, and I love his little frog shoes!
 #4 flippin' the four sign!  
 This sweat shirt is finished with an elastic bias tape, helping to maintain shape and function.
 As you can see, I used star wars print cotton for the pockets and the pant lining.  I used blue flannel for the legs, and the knee patches are made from fleece.  

 Curse you idy bidy pixel web camera!  I wish you could see the button embelishments that I love!
But at least you can see this happy four year old, and in the end, that is all that really matters!
-with love, 


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