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Madame Principal: Striped Polka Dot Dress

First of all, I would like to give a huge thanks to the community of Project Run and Play and the support that was shown last week. It helped me decide to find time to sew along this week even though I had been totally stumped. So stripes and polka dots huh? I have to admit this was really hard for me. I know it's  high in fashion, but they just seem an extreme in contrast even for me.

I had a navy and white polka dot maxi polyester dress with a collar and 3 buttons up the center of the bodice that I refashioned for the bodice. The plan was to use the buttons in the front and add one more to make the bodice a little longer. I made my own pattern for the bodice and the sleeve. This was a new experience and took a while. I used white bias tape (that I made from white on white polka dot cotton fabric.) to finish the edges.

I was concerned that the top wouldn't fit Ty since I had made up the pattern. Once I had finished the top of it I snuck into the kids room and grabbed Ty (the kids were asleep in bed). It was a perfect fit and I was excited, but all Ty wanted was to go back to sleep. So I took off the top and she sprinted for her room. After that I got started on the skirt. I was planning to use more of the polka dot fabric on it, but it just wasn't working. I was ready to throw in my towel.

Then I remembered I had some dusty pink and white striped fabric that I had got from my mother-in-law the day before. I brought it in from the car and pretty quick Scary and I decided it was actually perfect. For some reason I felt that I should make the skirt part a bubble skirt (inspired by Delia Creates: Baby Bubble Skirt) I used a double needle to sew the bodice to the elastic and the elastic to the skirt so it is all one piece. My goal for this dress was to have something Ty could wear to nice places, but would wash really easily and be moveable for my 2 year old.

This project was inspired by my Grandma Betty and her style. As a kid I remember her wearing a navy and white polka dot dress and classy boat-neck tops were common place in her wardrobe. She is a retired principal and the best dressed person I've ever met. Her motto is, "There's no such thing as too dressed up!"

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  1. Very cute and I love the blue with pink. Glad you were "inspired". It turned out great.

  2. I love how this came together! Very classic looking, but with a fun playful vibe! Very cute!

  3. So cute and classy. I love the color combination as well.

  4. I have to tell you as soon as I saw this outfit I KNEW I had to make a similar look for my almost 5 year old. Unfortunately it was pretty late at night so I had to wait until after work the following day.

    I love the way it turned out. Thanks so much for the inspiration!



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