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Monster Mash Skiing Comfies

I was trying to think what I would make for Boy Week. I feel like for me probably the most important week because Ryder is very aware of all the pretty dresses that I whip out for Boston, and I want to show him that I care enough to take my time and talents for him.  I think these back stories will help better explain why I sewed what I did. A few months ago, when I was rummaging through Mom's fabric I came across this monster knit. I immediately knew that I needed to make something for Ryder with it, since one of his nicknames since he was little was Little Monster.
A few weeks back, Mom found some cross country skis for Ryder that only took snow boots. Since that day Ryder has been in little boy heaven. He has turned the small hill behind our apartment into his own personal downhill ski hill. With all of Ryder's success with cross country skiing I have decided that he is ready for the slopes. Then it dawned on me I need to make him some skiing stretchy clothes for him to wear underneath his snow suit and jacket. It needed to be comfortable and nice enough looking that he could walk around the ski lodge.

It was my first baseball sleeve so I was a little nervous but I drafted a pattern using a sweat shirt. It was also my first time using rib knit which went so much better than I was anticipating it being.  The pants I patterned after a pair of stretchies.

I used a double needle for the hem of the shirt to sew the elastic down and around the rib knit. The rest was done with my serger.  The hem of the sleeves were made from the existing hem on the bottom of my refashioned shirt.
Mission Accomplished: Flexible enough for maximum movement. And one excited little boy who was so excited that he refused to take off his outfit.

The Monster Ski Hat
When Ryder woke up the morning after I decided what I wanted to do. I asked him if I could make a shirt out of the monster knit and some blue knit for the sleeves, and some pants made out of the monster knit. He surveyed the material and looked it over just the same way I would, and then he said very matter of fact, "Yes, a shirt and pants. And a hat!"
In that moment I realized I would need to ask Momma Shaffer for some help. Momma Shaffer is the queen of creative ski hats. When we were kids we all had our special ski hat, hand crafted by mom to reflect our personality. I called her up and asked if she would be willing to make a hat to match Ryder's ski outfit. She agreed. The night we started this project I was talking to Ryder about the different monsters on the material and let him lead the discussion about what they were doing and which one he liked. He said that the Cyclopes name was Ole Lukoie and he was his favorite (fail on my part that he thinks Ole Lukoie is a one eyed monster and not a sandman elf, oh well at least I tried). After hearing that conversation mom decided to make a reversible Cyclopes that could either be green or yellow (since there is both on the knit).

Last season, I made the leaf  monster suit which was fun for this boy who loves the outdoors.

And I love the outfit that Jo made for her fourth. It seems like it has been a really big hit.
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  1. I love that monster fabric! These are the perfect ski clothes. It's so cold here that all I can think of is snuggling up in a pair right now hehe.

  2. What a cute outfit!! I love it. That monster fabric is adorable. :)


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