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More health in 2013

Returning to health in 2013. That is the plan.
Which means more whole foods, and less processed foods.  Here is a recipe for a quick lunch, that hits the spot.  It is full of nutrients and hunger reducing protien.  I love putting good food in to my body, and seeing the results of energy and vitality!

Yummy European Style Bean Wrap
Gluten free, Vegan 
1 can of kidney beans-drained
1 can of black beans drained
 1 can of drained olives
 a clove garlic
 a stalk of parsley
 and a teaspoon of salt
 Blend into a nice thick bean dip consistency.
Take about 1/4 c of it, and slather it on a nice big tortilla shell and add about two cups of spring mix salad.  I actually made two of them.    I use the left over spread as a dip for celery and carrot sticks as an afternoon snack.


             Both of  these are favorites of mine, from Costco.  The tortillas are not gluten free-but you can find                                                                                                      gluten free wraps at your local whole foods store.

Al and Scary are on a health kick as well, check out their Resolve to Sweat.


  1. Mmmm... sounds tasty! Good job, Jo! ;)

  2. Ahh, I didn't know that you wrote me. Thanks Andrea! If I was to do it again, I would add less celery, or maybe just use it as a celery dip. or chop the celery, rather than blending it.


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