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Pleated Shindig Chevron Dress

Joining the Fun
Scary had so much fun doing PR&P sew along last season, that I couldn't help but join the fun in a more involved way this time around. Both of us were going to do projects this first week, but she ended up getting such a bad head cold she could hardly function to finish the dress. So I'm borrowing some of her bravery to make and post about what I've made for Ty. I'm not exactly sure why, but clothing terrifies me much more than really intricate quilts. Maybe that's because so much of what I made growning up didn't turn out exactly like I wanted it too. I've probably done about a ten wardrobe projects for my kids in the last year and each one is adding to my confidence in my ability to make clothes. Luckily kids clothing is easy. They are all built like rectangles, so you don't really have to account for shape.

The Remix
This week's challenge is a pattern remix of the Party Dress from The Cottage Home. This is probably the one I was most excited for because I knew pretty quickly what direction I was heading with it. I decided to change the neck line from rounded to boat neck. I also decided to add sleeves to the dress so that I wouldn't have to worry about always having a cardigan or some kind of undershirt to go with it. Once I had decided on a cheveron print, I looked at some of the many possibilities of chevron. I decided to make the chevron part pleated like Crafty Cupboard did on Sewing in Noman's Land. Once I had decided on pleating for the skirt, I decided to go ahead and include it on the sleeve as well. I used the sash fabric to make bias tape to keep the pleats somewhat together on it.

Putting it Together
This was the interesting part because since I added sleeves I had to do everything on piecing it together in a completely different order. I just worked through slowly but surely and learned as I went. The great thing about the way I did it was that I didn't have to do any hand stitching (besides to put the buttons on) and the only top stitching was to attach the skirt to the top, the bottom part to the skirt, and the bias tape to the sleeves Which means that most of my stitching is hidden! I used a metal headband from our local craft store, 1/2" of bias from the plaid fabric, and E6000 to make a headband that corresponds to the dress.  

If you're wondering about this bench, it is a preview of the final application to my crib re-purpose that you can look for on Saturday.

The Outcome
After one crazy day of sewing, Ty has another beautiful dress to spin in and I have made something to be proud of. She was so excited when it was finally done (she gets annoyed at trying things on when they aren't finished). She started playing her ukelele and singing a song about her pretty dress and candy. She was really ecstatic about the outcome. This flashy and upbeat dress is a prefect fit for her personality. Here are some more chevron projects:
Insignia Go Go Toddler Dress
Waves of Summer Reversible Tunic
Blue Skies Smiling at Me Summer Jumper
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  1. The chevron fabric you used is GORGEOUS. It works so well with the pleats. Really lovely.

  2. So well done! Love the contrast of plaid and chevron. You shouldn't be afraid of clothing, you do it so well!

  3. Absolutely amazing! Love the contrasting patterns in your design!

  4. Beautiful! Love the chevron and plaid together...would never think of pairing those together but it is gorgeous! Also love those pleats. Great job!

  5. Way to take the 'LEAP' into PR&P!!! We've been admiring that bias band fabric for some time.....just trying to plan a project to justify a purchase of it...

  6. Chevron and Plaid - I love this unexpected combo, and those curls... how can you not smile ;o)

  7. I can see a quilter's eye in your fabric choices. It's a fun combination and works really well!

  8. Wow! Your fabric choice really caught my eye. I think it is so important to the overall project.

  9. This is so pretty. I love the two faabrics together. Well done.

  10. The dress is adorable. Love the color combinations. I cam here from Sugar Bee Crafts.

  11. Such a cute little dress! Thanks for linking up this post to The Best Blog Recipe’s Weekend re-Treat #10!

    I know I’m running a little bit behind in pinning but I wanted to stop by and pin your image to My Link Parties Craft/DIY & Recipe Boards while I was here.

    Hope to see you link up again at the party this week that just went LIVE for the weekend!



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