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See ya in a few...hours that is

Last week, I was super bummed that I miss out on last week's sew along challenge. Though Al did a great job representing our blog! Did you see her dress? Pretty amazing right?

I today have been working diligently on my submission for Project Run & Play, among the playing with the kids and making meals. The Theme for this week is stripes and dots. My personal challenge for this week, do stripes and dots to the best of your skill level. From to time to time I feel myself being lazy in my sewing and taking shortcuts (ones others wouldn't notice but I would know were there) this week I am not doing that I want to start sewing the best pieces of my life and helping others learn more about sewing as well.

This week I have taken the time to draft my own patterns and put everything together in a relaxed and polished way. I have been so pleased with the results. But the extra time to make it perfect, paired with the nasty flu bug in our home, I am not able to share the completed results (on my little un-toddling toddler) with you first thing this morning. But I will promise you that I will have it published by 11 am MST. Along with some fun little 1 year old pictures of Boston. I was stuck in bed feeling like I was dying on her birthday, so it will be nice to have an excuse to capture this age.

Feel free to come back by at 11 am MST, and see what surprises I have for you.

Here are a few clues about my project(s):
- Gray, Navy and White
- Calculated and Random
- Subtle and Loud
- Round and Straight
- Form and Function

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