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Striped Peplum & Poka Dot Jeggings {Free: 2T jegging pattern}

*EDIT: Six months later these are fitting a little better. I would say the pattern is more like a 2T pattern.

When Project Run and Play announced the themes, Week 2 for me was a must sew week. I knew I wanted to make a peplum top with large pieced stripes but I was not sure what to put on bottom that wouldn't read too loud. A few weeks ago, I was at Joann's looking through the remnant fabric and found some jegging material, ding ding! We have a winner!
I had it!  Hand painted random pok-a-dot jeggings!
Boston, what do you think of that idea?
I think she is daydreaming about playing outside in summer weather
Or maybe that is just me!

Striped Peplum

From a Navy T-Shirt, I cut:
(4) 12"x 4"
(2) 24"x3.5" (I used the bottom hem of the shirt. If you don't have this, cut it longer, taking in account for seam allowances and hem)

From a White T-Shirt, I cut:
(4) 12"x4"
Gray Flat-Fold Elastic
(2) 10 inch
(1) 9 inch

1. I pieced together the shirt alternating the 12x4 strips of the navy and white. I serged them so that they would continue to stretch.   The same could be done with a double needle/zig zag stitch if you don't have a serger. I always try to use my serger, because last year I convinced Slim Jim that it was necessary. So I feel guilty not using it, you understand right? 2. Then I gathered the 24x3.5" strip and adjusted the gather until I thought it gave me the look that I wanted (probably ended up using 19-20 inches). And then I serged it on (again double needle or zig-zag stitch could do the trick).
3. Next, I cut out my neckhole and 4. serged the shoulder seams together.
5. I sewed my 9" strip of flat fold elastic together and finger pressed the seam open. Then I pinned it to the neckline by finding half and quarter marks, folding the elastic around the unfinished edge. I attached it by using a double needle.
I knew the arm holes needed to have 5" height on each side (by measuring her arm hole on another shirt) and that I wanted to finish them before I finished my side seams. I found the middle point of a 10 inch strip of elastic and pinned it to the shoulder seam folding the elastic over the edge. I then pinned the ends of the elastic at 5 1/4'" from the shoulder seam and then pinned toward the shoulder seam. I used a double needle maintaining its ability to stretch.
6. I took a 5/8" seam from the bottom to the top (where the sleeve starts). Instead of easing the seam out I turned 90 degrees and sewed off the fabric to give it a defined sleeve.


Get Pattern Pieces 
Using my self drafted pattern, (which you can see in the line above) I cut my stretch denim out. Then I applied a freezer paper stencil with a random poka-dot-pattern to my cut fabric pieces. Using a piece of foam, I applied arcilic paint mixed with a fabric paint medium (but if you were super cool and had fabric paint you could just use that).

Then I bathed the kids while I waited for it to dry. Once it was dry, I heat set the dots on.

Next I serged my front tops together and my front backs together (5/8" seam). Then I put the Front and Back together starting with the crotch seam (5/8"). Then using a double needle I put a 1/2" hem in the bottom of the pants.
Next I serged the outside seams. I cut a 18 inch piece of 1" wide elastic, I then did a 3/8" seam to connect the two ends together and then finger pressed it open. Then I attached the elastic directly to the top of the leggings with my serger (though again you wouldn't need a serger to do this it could be done with a sewing machine). One finishing detail I did that I liked that you wouldn't have to do is to sew down your outside side seam using a double needle. I did this so that they would have more of the appearance of a store bought jeans.
 Then I rolled the elastic and using my sewing machine with a double needle I sewed the elastic down. And they were all done! Whoot Whoot!

I think that when she starts walking it is going to be even more adorable. I can see her playing in this outfit in the upcoming spring.
Hopefully we will be ditching the chair soon as a photo prop lately
she has been more consecrated on teeth then taking steps  
How about a sibling outtake picture to finish things off!


  1. Very cute! Love the jeggings and the toothy grin.

  2. I think this is a great idea. I didn't even consider making the polka dots. Fun!

  3. Striped peplum top with polka dot so CUTE!!!!


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