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The hearts of our Fathers

"And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers."  Is a scripture from Malachi 4:6.  That is in the Old Testament of the Bible.  In our church, this scripture is often referred to, when we talk about our family history.  We love our ancestors.  Most of us have extensive details of those who came before us.  

One of the books I own, talks about my Great Great Great Great Grandfathers' massive hands.  Did you know I have never met someone with hands as big as mine- except my own fathers hands.  

The big framed document in the background is Hubbins direct lineage from his mother to Adam.
The two books are  compiled stories about my progenitors from almost 200 years ago.  
The quilted tablerunner is an heirloom that was given to me  from one of the "great aunts" at a family reunion . 
When I was young, we often  went on family trips to visit my Great Grandfather.  One of the attributes that I have from him is my ability to work slowly and carefully.  My hand stitching is even and done with ease. I also spend alot of time intensive detailing on my acrylic paintings. Grandpa Shaffer could wittle a toothpick(al mentions it in this link) into a working chain, or make a fan.  I wish I had a picture of that, that I could show you.  Another attribute is a funny little feature that a few of us Shaffer Sisters seem to posses.  We have thick dark eyebrows.   Believe me when I say we trim and pluck, often.  

This is our Great Grandpa and his little sister.  Check out those eyebrows!

We as Shaffer Sisters like to think we can do hard things.  I guess the reason we are so bold, is that we have seen those we love be succesful at the hard things they took on.  Grandpa Shaffer and his wife Lucille were asked to restore the Lucy Mac Smith home   in Nauvoo Illinois.(This link is used with permission from Stephanie Schultz-author and photographer of the linked blog)  He also built churches and homes all across the western United States.
His father Dick Shaffer invented and patented several tools, to increase his productivity.  He was a faithful and loving husband.  Always working hard, honoring his wife, and keeping his patience.  

This is a picture or our Great Great Grandpa and one of his inventions
Grandma Twila almost single handedly raised 6 kids.  Later in her life, I remember spending a lot of time at her home, where she taught me to clean, bake, and make candy, as well as to love the little things in life, like a good head massage, a catnap, or just to sit around during meal times and talk.
Grandma Betty got her bachelors and masters degrees while raising three children and running a ranch.  She took night classes over an hour drive from her home.  All the while sewing, keeping house, and helping her aging parents.
I remember our own mother sewing, beautifying our home, baking the best oatmeal cookies for skiing trips, potty training us at about 1.5 years of age, washing and neatly folding cloth diapers, teaching us to read, sew, love and live the gospel, and a love of continual learning and improvement.  We often attribute my parents with the talent of perfectionism and dedication.  They are devoted and imoveable.  
This is a four generation picture of Scary, Momma Shaffer, Grandma Betty, and Ryder.  We love these women!

As my sisters and I look at the talents we posses, we often attribute them to our progenitors.  Whether through nature or nurture, we are grateful for all of the time and love that has been poured in to us.  We gain strength from the examples of those that came before us, those that struggled to make a life in the dusty flats of Nebraska, those that worked on railroads networking the country, those that lovingly baked bread for the masses, those that sewed each thread of clothing for their families, and those that lived and died for the testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  As we work to perfect our own talents and share them with you, we lovingly honor those that came before us.  Our hearts are turned to them.    

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