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Time for Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe

Part of looking forward to 2013 is remembering that I am a representative of Shaffer Sisters. Awhile back I admitted in "The things I am afraid to tell you" post that:
"I think getting ready for the day (anything more than showering, brushing hair and teeth, and putting on a fresh t-shirt and workout shorts) is frustrating/silly as a mom. I know I can clean up okay, but most days about the only time I am in front of a mirror is to help Ryder wash his hands after going to the bathroom. I hate when I get dressed up (nice clothes) for the day and then I get spit-up/peed/pooped/spilled on."
This is what I look like on an average day. Hair pulled up and don't you love the big bump out of  the top of my head. I didn't realize how hard taking a picture in the mirror is. I couldn't figure out what to do with my other arm and I felt like I should have it up to balance things.
I have been thinking about this lately and I realized this is probably not a major personality flaw, but one that if I don't change is sure to embarrass my kids in the future. I think I am a decent looking girl with pretty good skin but it would probably be nice for Slim Jim and once my kids get a little older for me not to run around in old basketball shirts and hand-me-down yoga and gauchos (Inner struggle: BUT they are so comfortable!). 

I have pretended for a long time that I knew what I was doing when it came to hair and makeup, but I always felt somewhat self conscious about my abilities to look stylish. I think part of this may have come from having weird hair (half way between wavy and curly), long legs, shorter waist (in comparison to my long legs), getting white hair early (for the last 6 years, when I was 20) and not having a lot of experience with fashion. Our mom is such a pretty woman that she looks beautiful with her natural curls (like perfect ringlets) and bright blue eyes. My dad always told us that natural beauty was best (he would get upset when Al and I flat ironed our hair).

Al and I ask one of the girls in our ward to help us with makeup and then I checked out two books to help me with my appearance (hair and makeup). These are the books we checked out.
This book is a comprehensive guide everything about beauty. I love the suggestions on how to style wavy/curly hair. I also love the pro-con list they give for different types of beauty products.
This book is awesome because she outlines how to put your face together in 5 minutes (go figure from the title). I love how natural and no makeup-makeup look you get. The first time I followed her instructions it took me 7 minutes now I think I have it down to 5.
Yesterday, I was reading while the kids and Slim Jim were napping and I read an article that further inspired me in my quest for self improvement, "Always in the Middle" by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Beginnings are times for making resolutions, for creating plans, for bursts of energy. Endings are times for winding down and may involve feelings of completion or loss. But with the proper outlook, considering ourselves as in the middle of things can help us not only to understand life a little better but also to live it a little more meaningfully....
....As it is with space, so it is with time. We may feel we are at the beginning or end of our lives, but when we look at where we are against the backdrop of eternity—when we realize that our spirit has existed for time beyond our capacity to measure and, because of the perfect sacrifice and Atonement of Jesus Christ, that our soul will exist for an eternity to come—we can recognize that we are truly in the middle...
...The Psalmist says, “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we [should] rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24). Amulek reminds us that “this life is the time for men to prepare to meet God; yea, behold the day of this life is the day for men to perform their labors” (Alma 34:32; emphasis added). And a poet muses, “Forever—is composed of Nows.”1
Being always in the middle means that the game is never over, hope is never lost, defeat is never final. For no matter where we are or what our circumstances, an eternity of beginnings and an eternity of endings stretch out before us.
Today, I took a big step I bought my first pair of non-maternity jeans in 4+ years. Before this all of my jeans were leftovers from Jo and Momma Shaffer. It was intimidating and kind of overwhelming for me to pick something out. I am grateful that Al was there to encourage me and remind me that I was a woman and it was okay if the jeans showed that I had a shape (Back story: Last week she told me that we really needed to make/get me a new pair of jeans because my cast of jeans just weren't doing it).
Now to continue on my journey I will round out the day by sorting my wardrobe into outfits and cast off the leftovers.
My journey in beauty has not just began and will not end with the start or close of 2013. I am grateful for the eternity of the beginnings to try once again to improve on this and so many other things in my life.
Happy New Year, and best wishes on your journey to improvement.

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