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"Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder.." Illustration {Valentine's Inspire Contest}

Today, we are pleased to have Celina (logo designer and table refinisher). Probably if we could find a way to make her one of our sisters we would have already. 
Just a reminder: We will open up voting at 8am, Friday Morning through Sunday 11:59 pm MST.

..a Valentine Design by Celina..

I figured the best way for me to illustrate my theme was to do just that; illustrate it. 
So, here it is:

I will tell you that this is quite a bit different than I'd originally intended it. Originally, I'd planned to paint a more light-hearted scene capturing the silliness of a childhood romance set in an earlier time (perhaps the 50's or 60's). Long story short, I decided the image was a little too hard to read, so I went with a more point-blank approach, mostly for your sakes. So saying, I think the story illustrated is pretty self-explanatory and I don't need to bore you with more detail. :)

This picture began as a sketch, then a scan, then a digital painting. I often times (these days) prefer to paint digitally cause with a toddling 10-month old, things tend to stay cleaner!
(Adobe Photoshop)

It should probably be said that I looked back at my work and, as thinking about the Shaffer Sisters' effort to inspire, uplift, and encourage, I think my painting is a little sad! So I took the liberty of creating a few more images hopefully to be a little more uplifting, even encouraging. I designed a few simple and silly Valentines that I welcome you to pass along to your sweethearts this season!

Happy Valentine's Day! <3

... Celina.

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  1. She does look a little sad, but she's lonely ;) I love the eyes on the sheep and owl!


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