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"Romance in the Movies" Dancing with the Star {Valentine's Inspire Contest}

One of my favorite people is the next and last competitor for our Inspiration Competition. A few years ago I had the privilege of working with her and about 200 teenage girls at a youth camp. I have loved her ever since! Her name is Star, and she owns that name! The title for her Valentines Inspiration project is "Romance in the Movies"
When she asked if she could be a part of this competition, I was so excited, because I knew whatever she came up with would be inspirational.  She just has a natural talent for inspiring others to be more than they think the can be.  I told her that she could create in whatever medium she chose, and I am so glad she chose dancing!

After she finished filming this, we talked to her on the phone.   She said it was really cool to teach these girls, that have never danced before. The girls look like they are having a blast, and I know from experience that they are!  You inspire me Star!
with love

Star is a 3rd grade super sub. She has 2 kiddos. She is married to a fantastic guy. She is a foster momma for dogs. She is a youth camp director extraordinaire. She owns a dance studio, and teaches at it.  And she is awesome! I hope you all love this Inspiration competition submission as much as we did.

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