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Flowered Fundraiser Table Runner

Hand quilting is something I have always wanted to do, but never really gotten a chance to do. Lucky for me, there is a fundraiser for the Young Women in my ward at church that has proved to be the perfect opportunity. They are having a service and goods auction with the ward to raise money to go to girls camp. Besides high contrast clothing, I don't know what is valued in Illinois, but something handcrafted is sure to do the trick. I have the time and they have the money, and wha-la magic.

Given limited resources (so much of my stuff is still in Idaho) and limited time (hand quilting definitely takes some), making a table runner was an easy choice.What do you think of the finished project?

I used a continuous quilting pattern that I had printed off nearly a year ago and had taped 3 sheets of the pattern together on standard printer paper. I don't remember exactly what website I got if from, but if you google continuous quilting pattern, you should find something of use.

In order to get the pattern pretty precise, I placed the backing fabric over the top of the printed pattern and traced it with a washable fabric marker until I had the flower and leaf design from end to end. Then I used pins to temporarily attach the top, batting, and backing together nicely. This would help it so it didn't shift too much as I was hand quilting. Once I had finished quilting this runner, the only thing left was to bind it.

Now it is finished and beautiful. Even though it will be hard to see it go, I'm sure this handcrafted piece will bring a little light and peace into another person's life.


  1. Al I love it! You did a terrific job. Way to go Momma!
    with love

    1. Thanks Jo. It was definitely a fun experience. I can't believe how relaxing it is. This is probably what I want to do with my quilt someday. And until then I will try to find little things to improve my technique.

  2. I love those little hand stitches. I've quilted a lot, but still no hand stitching. I see a runner in my future :)


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