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Jo's Signature Style for Project Run and Play

In all of my syles, I honor the past.  I love working with vintage fabric, styles, and design.  I often revert back to simplicity and function.  I love knowing the stories behind the people that I use for inspiration.  I love using fabric that has a story and a memory attached.  
               After my Grandpa passed away, I had the chance to go to his home, all by myself.  I walked around and smelled, and felt, and saw.  I lived in my memory.  I opened Grandmas cedar chess and went through the hand stitched linens.  Seeing, feeling, and smelling these things really brought Grandma and her home baked bread, Grandpa and the sound of his recliner laying back as he took a 10 minute power nap, before lunch, the smell of the furniture polish, the sounds of the vacuum that I could hardly lift, the memory of brushing Grandmas black and pepper hair with the brush that I was sure was made of real crystal.  
When I sew I remember my mom, grandmothers, neighbors, and friends helping me with many projects.  They taught me so much!  I guess that is why sewing is so naustalgic for me.  

  I had this vintage lace curtain circa 1950's.  It came from the first house Hubbin and I bought.  The original owner told me they were a mothers day gift from her children.  I am not a lace curtain kind of gal, so I took it down, not wanting to throw it away, I put it in the refashion bin, knowing I could use it for yardage.  It sat there for 5 years!  But it was perfect for this project.  
I love a gathered back and flat front look! 
I love elbow length sleeves, with a slight gather at the top.
I love the boat neck style.  
It was so fun to work with the scallops and borders on the lace.  
The simplicity of the dress reminds me of an early 1900's wedding dress.  
Did you know that poorer families made there own lace, and then used that to design their dresses. The lace was often handed down from generation to generation.  
Most of this was hand stitched, and it came together like a dream.  
I hope you love it as much as I have, this is #5's new Easter dress.  
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  1. It's always tough to find a project special enough to use a cherished piece. It's a lot easier when it's for one of your babies :)
    This turned out lovely.

  2. Very pretty and your first bit about remembering your grandfather made me a bit sentimental for mine. Thank you.

  3. What a touching design/style! I love this little overlay of lace. It just looks so special when you know the story.

  4. Oh that is a perfect Easter dress!!!
    So great and that vintage lace is to die for!

  5. Wow!!! I love the different patterns in that lace! You did a great job!


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